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President Obama to announce new executive actions on immigration reform

President Obama has confirmed he will issue new executive orders changing the rules on immigration on Thursday.

Hateful sign shocks residents of small Nebraska town

A hateful message posted on a sign in Minden, Nebraska has sparked controversy in the tiny town. On Monday, a resident posted a sign reading "Aids, Ebola, Obama, Thanks Africa" on his property off of Highway 10.

Arkansas father of 26 arrested for not paying child support

Terry Turnage, the man who has reportedly fathered more than two dozen children, has been arrested. Turnage was arrested in St. Francis County, Arkansas, for not paying child support.

Texas woman admits to having sex with minor while husband videotaped

Charles Travis Cloud, of Corpus Christi, and Vanessa Lisla Cloud, of Zapata, have been ordered to prison for the sexual exploitation of a child, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson.

Study says daily aspirin may not stop first heart attack but helps avoid second

Many people take a daily baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks, but new research suggests it may do nothing unless you already have heart disease.

TX woman Teddy Bear Paradise gets 21 months in jail for threatening president

Teddy Bear Paradise, formerly known as Denise O’Neal, has been ordered to federal prison following her conviction of making a threat against President Obama, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced.

Congress has plenty of work to do after Keystone XL Pipeline bill fails

Washington could see more action today on the budget. Lawmakers are trying to come up with a new one before money to run the country runs out December 11th.

Keystone XL pipeline bill fails in the Senate

The Senate blocked a measure Tuesday that would have authorized construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as Democrats chose their pro-environment base over an old friend -- embattled Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu.

Student saves dying baby using CPR in Missouri Wal-Mart

It's a story of a young life saving an even younger one. When an 11-month-old stopped breathing inside the High Ridge, Missouri Walmart last Wednesday, Hillsboro High School student Abby Snodgrass knew exactly what to do.

FAU student says mandatory sex survey invades privacy

Does your school have the right to know about your sex life? That's what some students at Florida Atlantic University are asking after being required to answer some extremely personal questions.

Judge halts 'coin toss' election in Florida

A Florida judge has ordered the city of Mount Dora to reconsider how it will handle a tied city council election.

WA State girls use allowance to buy supplies for the homeless

Two young Vancouver girls are working to make a difference in their community by helping the city's homeless residents make it through the cold November nights.

5 types of people you should 'unfriend' on social media

We all have them: Old classmates, distant relatives or obnoxious co-workers, filling our social feeds with posts about people we don't know or barely remember. Jimmy Kimmel would like us to let them go.

Cancer Charity Hacked: parents of childhood victims sent vile messages

Grieving families who have lost children to cancer were recently shocked to receive emails from what appears to be someone they know, only to open them and find a graphic diatribe.

In all 50 states, it's below freezing in at least one spot

Every state in the Union had a reporting station somewhere within its borders registering temperatures below freezing Tuesday morning.