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AZ cops unleash crime-fighting car, James Bond style

Law enforcement officials in Pinal County, Arizona have a new weapon. It's designed by law enforcement but looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie or Robo-cop.

Carriage horse takes passengers on wild ride through Savannah, GA

A carriage horse takes off through downtown Savannah, Georgia plowing into parked cars and scaring pedestrians.

TX church sets world record for Jesus chalk drawing

In celebration of Easter, a church in Texas sets a world record with this giant drawing of Jesus. It’s a chalk drawing measuring 17,000 square-feet.

K.C. police say they have man responsible for highway shootings

Drivers around Kansas City are feeling a little safer today after police there arrested someone suspected of randomly shooting at vehicles over the last month or so.

Obama says it's time to end fight over Obamacare

President Obama says it's time to end the fight over Obamacare. Republicans figure the issue can win them more power in Congress in November.

Last minute preparations underway for Boston Marathon

An emotional week in Boston continued, as the community gathered to honor and remembers MIT police officer Sean Collier, who died trying to stop the alleged marathon bombers a year ago today.

Louisiana sets new workforce record, over 2 million employed

Louisiana has set a new record for its workforce, with over 2 million residents employed.

VIDEO: MI judge tells convicted killer, 'I hope you die'

"I hope you die in prison!" That's what a Michigan judge told a woman who was sentenced for murder.

College student pays tuition bill with 500lbs of pennies in OK

Many students work to pay their way through college. A soon-to-be grad in Oklahoma used his final payment to make a lasting statement. It was a heavy load, yet it was a weight lifted. 500 pounds of pennies.

National parks offer free entry weekend of April 19-20

Looking for something free to do this weekend? Check out a national park.

AZ 911 dispatcher meets 2-year-old she helped save

(KPNX) Thursday was the first time ever. In nine years of work 911 dispatcher Danica Dunn of Phoenix, Arizona has come face-to-face with someone she helped save. It was only 8 days ago she received the call.

Students turn staircase into piano at Johns Hopkins University

The main staircase in Hackerman Hall, one of the engineering buildings, might be the most popular staircase on the Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore. Read More:

Voodoo statues cause dispute amongst AR neighbors

In Arkansas, a dispute over lawn ornaments has become a serious concern for one woman. She says the items in her neighbor's yard are related to voodoo and scare her, but other neighbors say it doesn't bother them.

Critics say smartphone innovation has stalled

Here's a short message to smartphone makers before you try to wow us with a bunch of glitzy features in your next device: Don't do it.

Ole Miss fraternity shuts down after statue scandal

Oxford, MS (WREG) -- The Ole Miss chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity will be permanently closed after a vote of the national board.