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Georgia man pays strangers electric bills for Christmas

Jonesboro, GA (WGCL) -- Now that the winter cold is settling in, a Jonesboro man is trying to keep struggling families from losing their electricity.

OKC Police save Christmas for burglary victim

Oklahoma City police officers were able to save Christmas for one Oklahoma City mother and her three-year-old son. Oklahoma City police officers respond to burglaries all the time.

Dog survives 15-stroy drop by falling in hot tub

A Boston Terrier named Sammy is recovering after a 15-story fall from his owner's Sacramento, California apartment.

Zombie nativity display causes a stir in Ohio

A Cincinnati area man thinks he's being targeted because of his Christmas display. It is probably the most unusual holiday display in the region, and passers-by just can't help but slow and stare.

Idaho prison’s ‘Blue Room’ earns praise for calming inmates

Idaho's Snake River Correctional Institution is getting national attention. With the help of Nalini Nadkarni, a forest ecologist, they developed the Blue Room, being hailed by TIME magazine as one of the 25 best inventions of 2014.

Minnesota man crafts candy cane wonderland each year for children

No matter your faith, a pretty cool part about this time of year is the twinkle. And if you are into that twinkle, you should check out Lincoln Avenue in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Utah family turns toilet paper prank into charity drive

Of all the gifts people want Santa to bring down the chimney this Christmas, Matthew Deane is hoping for more toilet paper.

Tennessee girl heartbroken after beloved Christmas sleigh is stolen

Two years ago the one thing Kayla Woody wanted for Christmas was a sleigh.The now 11 year old was ecstatic to find it in the yard Christmas morning.

Missouri residents clash with police after another officer-involved shooting

A crowd of about 100 people gathered outside of a gas station in north St. Louis County, Missouri overnight after a Berkeley police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old.

‘Camo Santa’ delivers truckload of toys to Texas military families

Another successful year of the Camo Santa toy drive wrapped up as the truck load of donations was taken to Santa's Workshop on Fort Hood Monday afternoon.

DA: Guns smuggled on planes in Atlanta 'egregious' security breach

Two men -- one employed by Delta Air Lines and another a former employee -- worked together to smuggle guns and ammunition on at least 20 flights from Atlanta to New York from May to December, New York officials said Tuesday.

Keurig recalls nearly 7 million coffee makers

Keurig Green Mountain has recalled nearly 7,000,000 of their popular single-cup coffee makers.

Eggnog chugging contest puts Utah man in hospital

A Utah man is recovering after nearly drowning in eggnog. Even though the drinks at the party contained no alcohol, the heavy drink nearly put Ryan Roche out of commission for the holidays.

Holiday travelers hit the road ahead of Christmas

The holiday rush is on. 98.6 million Americans plan to travel 50 miles or more to visit friends or family over the next week, and winter weather along the east coast could mean slow-going for many.

Police on high alert across the U.S. after NYPD slaying

The New York City Police Department and other across the nation are on alert, fearful of copycat attacks following the ambush that killed two of their fellow officers over the weekend.