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Is the iPad doomed?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Tablet sales are "crashing," says Best Buy's CEO! IPad sales are sinking fast! Is this the beginning of the end for the tablet?

'Brutally honest' cover letter leads to job

(CNN) -- For fresh-faced college graduates looking to land that first job, standing out from the crowd is never easy. Matthew Ross did just that.

Deputies burn 30,000 marijuana plants in front of Tennessee sheriff's office

A Grundy County, Tennessee sheriff's deputy hunting rabbits stumbled onto something else entirely: more than 30,000 marijuana plants.

Recent increase in cases of kids left in hot cars motivate entrepreneurs to create devices to help

Some parents of small children who have been paying particular attention to the tragic stories of infants being left in hot cars recently are taking steps to keep it from happening again.

One of two Americans infected with ebola virus will be brought to Atlanta for treatment

As the death toll from the Ebola outbreak grows in africa a hospital in the United States is preparing to care for a patient suffering from the deadly virus.

Report says 'lack of oversight' to blame in botched rollout

Management breakdowns led to the failure of the $840-million federal health care enrollment website last fall according to a harsh new government report.

Duck and dog make unlikely best friend duo in North Carolina

An unlikely pair is turning heads on the North Carolina coast: a duck who thinks he is a dog, and a dog who has become best friends with the duck, and can be spotted playing, swimming and sleeping together.

625lb Michigan man claims he is 'too big' for courtroom

A Grand Rapids, Michigan man claiming he's too large to go to court to face the felony charges says he's already suffering enough.

Chicken pox delays deportation of illegal immigrants from New Mexico

A chicken pox outbreak has halted the deportation of more than 600 illegal immigrants housed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico.

Latest drought report expected to show no relief for parched western states

Lake Mead is supposed to be the nation's largest man-made reservoir, but after years of drought it's disappearing and taking with it the water supply for 40-million people across seven states.

As lawmakers leave Washington for Summer Break, there's still a lot left on the table

The tone here on Capitol Hill may explain why things aren't getting done.

FL man charged with infecting woman with HIV

By Tamara Phillips Riviera Beach, FL (WPTV) -- A Riviera Beach man has been arrested and charged with infecting a woman with HIV..

BRPD investigates suicide of MS man found in stolen car

Baton Rouge Police Detectives have identified the individual who shot himself in a Taco Bell parking lot on Wednesday as Jeremy Damarol Anderson, 28, of Gulfport, MS.

CO: Couple hit by car after reporting child locked inside

By Tammy Vigil  LONGMONT, CO  (KDVR) — A concerned couple calls police about a young boy left in a hot car. But when the cops arrived, it's the good Samaritans who needed an ambulance.