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New study finds giving peanuts to babies may prevent the allergy

For years, doctors told parents not to give babies peanut products to help prevent food allergies.

Washington church transforms strip club into coffee shop

An old Shoreline, Washington building with a dark and seedy past is getting a chance at redemption. "The Junction" is a place where anyone can come inside for a bite to eat, a hot cup of coffee and a warm reception.

Lawmakers trying to prevent Homeland Security from running out of money

This morning it's unclear if there will be money for Homeland Security at the end of this week. Congress has a Friday deadline to approve it - but that money's mired in a fight over immigration.

First grade teacher donates kidney to one of her students

Last December 6-year-old Matt Parker asked Santa to help find someone who could give him a new kidney. Now his wish has come true.

Funding for Homeland Security comes into focus after new threats

A weekend threat against one of the nation's largest malls is highlighting the need for Homeland Security, but funding for the agency may run out this week if Congress doesn't act.

World War II pilot shot down German warplanes but denied work after war because of skin color

He shot down German planes as a fighter pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II, but after the war, when Harry Stewart tried to get a job as a commercial airline pilot, he was turned down because of the color of his skin.

Internment camp, industrial town among new national monuments

 Chicago's historic Pullman District, a World War II internment camp and a section of Colorado's upper Arkans

The planet you've probably never heard of

Way out beyond Mars, but before you get to Jupiter, is a planet. You read that right. There's a planet between Mars and Jupiter.

6 things you may not know about the Oscars envelope

The shining Oscar statuette is a celebrated symbol of the Academy Awards, but there is another icon on the Oscars scene.

Can this cream remove your tattoo?

Regretting that "Laura Forever" tattoo on your back now that Laura is gone?

7 reasons to watch the 2015 Oscars

 In honor of the Oscars, this story will be 7,633 words long, padded out with flowery phrases and belabored metaphors

Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse join forces on cruise

In a galaxy far, far away ... in the Western Caribbean, actually, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett and stormtroopers party with Disney Cruisers around the pool deck. No, it's not a fantasy.

The Apple car: What we know

Apple hasn't admitted publicly that it wants to get into the auto industry. But there's plenty of evidence out there.

The art of handling a backhanded compliment

Halfway through a recent first date, my latest Tinder suitor --- let's call him Heath --- interrupted the conversation, apologizing.

How a profoundly disabled boy became a running champ

Twelve years ago, Rachel Miller was lost when it came to her son John. The 7-year-old was profoundly disabled because of his autism. Unable to speak, he withdrew from people at school and, worse, from his family.