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Ex-model tries her hand at design, helps women turn their lives around

By Teo Kermeliotis and Lucy Wamweya for CNN

'Illegal to be homeless' in growing number of cities

By Blake Ellis NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A growing number of cities across the country are making it "illegal to be homeless," according to a new report.

Forget the new black, this is the real black.

By James Frater- CNN (CNN) -- Forget the new black. This is the real black.

Here's Google's plan to rid the world of cyberattacks

By Jose Pagliery NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- A new team at Google is aiming to be the cybersecurity superheroes of the Internet.

Facebook says: If you Like it, Buy it with new button

By Sara Ashley O'Brien NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook is looking for some new fans: It wants to help small business owners up their ecommerce game.

Athlete, football supporters, vacationing family among Flight 17 victims

By Thom Patterson, Zoe Li and Casey Tolan- CNN (CNN) -- A nun, an international athlete and a family traveling on summer vacation.

International investigators begin search for cause of passenger jet crash in a region of Ukraine

Today, international investigators are hoping to begin their search for the cause of the crash of a passenger jet in war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Barbie loses popularity along with other Mattel toys

By Ben Rooney NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- There's trouble in toy land. Mattel, the largest company in the toy industry, reported a sharp drop in sales and earnings during the second quarter.

Obama orders new federal spending to aid citizens with flooding & drought due to climate change

Saying that climate change is undeniable, President Obama ordered federal spending Wednesday on new programs aiding citizens who are experiencing the negative results of climate change.

New research suggests Niacin may contribute to early deaths

Millions of Americans have taken Niacin for decades to control their cholesterol, but there is growing evidence that the popular pill may do more harm than good.