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Utah man adopts dog that saved his life in Afghanistan

On May 9, 2010, John Logie, his body full of shrapnel, was loaded into a helicopter and flown from Afghanistan to Germany after being injured by an improvised explosive device.

Telemedicine extends doctors' reach beyond the hospital

Whether it's an exam via laptop or swipe of a smartphone, many people are finding they don't have to go too far out of their way to talk to a doctor.

Seattle PD arrests 2 firefighters for beating sleeping homeless man

Seattle Fire Department says two of their own; Scott Bullene and Robert Howell were arrested along with a female companion Saturday night.

MA: Passenger saves bus after driver suffers seizure

Passengers took control of a Quincy, Massachusetts bus and safely brought it to a stop when the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. A 37-year-old MBTA driver suffered an apparent seizure.

Flood Safety: National Flood Safety Awareness Week Day 1

Nearly every day, flooding happens somewhere in the United States or its territories.

Oklahoma teens lose both parents in 48 hours, community rallies support

Two young Oklahoma sisters are coming to terms with an unthinkable tragedy. 16-year-old Emily and 11-year-old Hallie Cooper lost both their mother and their father in a tragic 48 hour period.

Edwin Edwards to run for US Congress in LA’s 6th District

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards has announced he’s running for US Congress. Edwards served four terms as Governor of Louisiana. He served from 1972-1980, 1984-1988, and 1992-1996. Edwards hopes to replace Dr.

LA Republican party responds to Edwin Edwards running for Congress

Following the recent annuncement that Edwin Edwards will run for US Congress, the Louisiana GOP has issued the following response from LoJason Doré, LAGOP Executive Director: 

VIDEO: NM ambulance hijacked with paramedic still in back

A paramedic sleeping in the back of his ambulance parked outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico's Lovelace Hospital went on a wild ride when the vehicle was stolen.

NY Air Force vet surprieses Mom and Grandma at restaurant

A restaurant dining room in Colonie, New York was the setting on Saturday night for a secretive military family reunion.

Congress Rep asks military to allow traditional sikh attire

Congressman Jeff Denham is helping Sikh activists in their quest to openly serve in the military. Sikh leaders say a presumptive ban currently prevents Sikhs from serving in traditional attire, including turbans and beards.

Do discount clubs really save you money?

With Amazon Prime raising its annual membership from $79 to $99, many are rethinking membership in discount clubs that charge a fee.

MN Good Samaritan pulls cop from burning car, rescues 2 kids

He was only wearing socks, but that didn't stop Ryan Smith from freeing an officer from his burning squad car. Smith, 26, ran from his Braham, Minnesota home to help when he heard a loud bang.

Engineers develop app that sends smells

Forget text messaging, the 'oPhone' lets you send smells Holiday albums could be less forgettable when pictures of a Mediterranean meal carry the scent of olives; a selfie on the beach contains a trace of salt spray or a rainy London sc

Los Angeles hit by 4.4 magnitutde earthquake

A 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook the Los Angeles area on Monday morning, jolting some people awake just before sunrise but bringing no immediate reports of serious damage.