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Scientists conduct landmark study in hopes of preventing Alzheimer's

70 year-old Peter Bristol is getting an infusion he hopes, over time, will prevent memory loss. It started when the retired horticulturist started forgetting everyday things.

PN dentist fails to properly clean his tools, patients urged to get tested

Patients of a Pennsylvania dentist are being told to get tested for life-threatening diseases.

Alex Trebek sets record for hosting

By Todd Leopold- CNN (CNN) -- What is a new record for hosting a single show, Alex? "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek should be giving that answer himself -- since he's the man who set the record.

Padres legend Tony Gwynn dies at 54

San Diego, CA (KSWB) -- Major League Baseball legend Tony Gwynn, who had a remarkable 20-season career with the San Diego Padres, has died at the

Golf cart driver arrested for assault at U.S. Open

By Janet DiGiacomo- CNN (CNN) -- A golf cart driver at the U.S. Open was arrested and charged after authorities say he slammed into a state trooper.

Starbucks offers workers 2 years of free college

By Gregory Wallace NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Starbucks baristas working through college are about to get an extra boost from their employer.

VIDEO: Massive propane tank explodes in Utah, debris rains down quarter mile away

Roadblocks may be inconvenient when a fire seems so far away, but law enforcement and firefighters know there are potential dangers that can arise.

FL man allegedly lures 9-year-old girl and her father to record rape, murder

A Longwood, Florida man faces several charges after authorities said he planned to rape a young girl, kill her family and film the rape to produce a DVD.

MO pilot parachutes for first time when skydiver damages plane

A pilot who spent four years manning a plane used for skydiving made his first jump on Saturday afternoon when he had to bail as his plane spiraled out of control.

FL Man cuts open truck to save kitten

By Daphne Sashin- CNN (CNN) -- A hitchhiking feline in Florida has a 50-year-old truck owner to thank for her unusual rescue.

CA declares whooping cough epidemic, rapid spread nationwide

By Jen Christensen- CNN (CNN) -- California is being hit hard with a whooping cough epidemic, according to the state's public health department, with 800 cases reported in the past two weeks alone.

Changes to airline rewards programs may mean losing some perks

United Airlines is the latest airline to change the way travelers earn frequent flyer miles. United joins Delta, JetBlue and Southwest in basing points earned on money spent and not miles flown.

TX hoarder lives on roof for year, neighbors say

HOUSTON (KPRC) — A Texas man is living on his roof after filling his home with clutter and debris. The Houston man's home was so full of clutter; he built a make-shift structure on his roof to make room for him to live.