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House passes transportation bill for short-term fix

(NBC News) The US House of Representatives passed a bill late this afternoon in Washington D.C. that will help keep money flowing for highways, bridges and other infrastructure.

Republicans & Democrats work on a bill to ease pressure on southern border before summer break

Congress is getting ready for a showdown over the immigration crisis, and today, the battle lines are growing sharper.

Gunman still at large after opening fire in crowded Las Vegas mall

Police are looking for a gunman after one person was shot in the shoulder at a Fashion Show Mall Tuesday evening. The shots were fired at a Fashion Show Mall at 6 p.m. and forced stores in the mall to close early.

Oklahoma mother says 1-year-old got herpes at daycare

An Oklahoma City mother is furious at what she says happened to her child at daycare. She says her daughter contracted a form of herpes from her daycare teacher.

TX man violently kills girlfriend in front of her 4 children

A Texas man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend several times, then throwing her off a balcony-- all in front of her four young children. The victim died later at the hospital, and the boyfriend is now in jail being held without bond.

Jindal group to release Obamacare report

By CNN's Dana Davidsen and Paul Steinhauser

Mayo Clinic tests safety, effectiveness of using stem cells to slow ALS progression

Seventy-five years ago, Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with the rare, neurological disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) at the Mayo Clinic. On July 4th, 1939, he gave his famous farewell speech to baseball fans.

Obama works to get infrastructure bill through Congress before Highway Trust Fund runs dry

President Obama hits the road today to talk about highways and bridges - critical infrastructure and repairs that won't get funded if Congress doesn't act before going on its summer break.

Corpse falls out of PA coroner's van into busy road

A body on a gurney fell out of a coroner's van when a door malfunctioned, sending the corpse into the middle of a busy road in Bucks County.

Eric Holder: 'We are at a dangerous time'

By Dana Ford- CNN (CNN) -- U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is worried about wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Samsung has a child labor problem

By Charles Riley HONG KONG (CNNMoney) -- Samsung has suspended its relationship with a supplier in China after discovering evidence of child labor at its factory.

Many food workers have to work while sick, posing a risk to everyone

By Patrick M. Sheridan NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- "Stay home if you're sick."

LA teen was on death row -- and innocent

By Shareef Cousin for CNN

Little girl who lost eye in pitbull attack gets new prosthetic eye thanks to a Florida doctor

From being shy to hugs around the room, three-year-old Victoria Wilcher is a new person without her eye patch. "It's the first step on a long journey," said North Naples prosthetic eye specialist Raymond Peters.