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WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: FBI investigates Albuquerque PD for high rate of killings with no prosecutions

By David Fitzpatrick and Drew Griffin- CNN Investigations ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (CNN) -- Albuquerque police shot a homeless man in the back and killed him, and it was all caught on gruesome detail in a police video.

1 worker killed, 2 injured in blast at WA fireworks factory

(KING) One man is dead and two others injured following a Wednesday morning explosion at a Tenino, Washington fireworks factor.

Obama sends troops to Iraq to advise, not fight

Sunni militants fighting for control didn't seem to gain any ground in the last 24 hours in their march toward Baghdad, and President Obama has decided - no air strikes for now.

Congress calls for action on influx of unaccompanied children crossing border

Members of Congress issued a call to action Thursday, pleading for help for thousands of children who've poured across the United States' southern border in recent months.

Caught on Camera: Motorcyclist flies off bike in crash, gets up, walks it off

A 22-year-old motorcyclist walked away uninjured after slamming into a car and flipping in the air at a Clearwater, Florida intersection. Amazingly, he somehow managed to land on his feet and keep walking.

Obama announces 300 military advisers going to Iraq

By Barbara Starr and Tom Cohen- CNN

IN Woman uses back scratcher and wrench to beat, chase away intruder

By Kendall Downing Marion, IN (WXIN) -- Bet you never knew a back scratcher and a wrench could fight off an intruder. A central Indiana couple simply told a crook no way and took matters into their own hands.

TN Man shot in the chest drives 2 blocks so kids wouldn't see him die

By Jessica Gertler, Memphis, TN (WREG) -- A man turns his life around, only to be violently murdered just feet from his Southeast Memphis home.

Traveler allegedly uses suitcase handle to smuggle $82K of cocaine into JFK

By SAMANTHA TATA New York, NY (WPIX) -- The thin handle rails of a suitcase were an alleged smuggler's hiding spot of choice for more than $82,000 worth of cocaine, according law enforcement at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Baltimore police officer slashed dog's throat, authorities say

By Faith Karimi and Kevin Conlon- CNN (CNN) -- A Baltimore police officer faces felony animal cruelty charges after he slit the throat of a dog that had escaped from home, authorities said.