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6 people join lawsuit against edible marijuana vendor in Colorado

Six additional plaintiffs have joined a class action lawsuit alleging that they were given marijuana-laced chocolate at Colorado's Denver County Fair without their knowledge.

Congress prepares for vote on Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels

President Obama is in Tampa today for a briefing from Central Command, the military unit in charge of the Middle East, while Congress tries to push through a vote giving him the okay to arm Syrian rebels against ISIS militants.

Indiana Police: man killed girlfriend then ate her organs

Horrific details of a southern Indiana homicide were released Monday, including allegations that Joseph Oberhansley ate portions of Tammy Jo Blanton's brain, heart and lungs after stabbing her to death.

LSU Student to receive surprise from Ellen DeGeneres on NBC33 Tuesday

Jasmine Williams is a Junior at Louisiana State University.

Wildfire destroys 100 buildings in Northern California

A rapidly growing wildfire has destroyed 100 homes and other buildings in the small town of Weed, California. The blaze, driven by, wind burned 100 structures including a Catholic church and mill.

Congress to vote on part of Obama's ISIS plan

The Secretary of Defense and Chair of the Joint Chiefs are set to testify on Capitol Hill about the Obama administration's strategy to defeat ISIS.

Kerry working to build international coalition against ISIS

There are more growing pains in the coalition that the United States is cobbling together to fight the ISIS extremist army in Iraq and Syria.

TX Teacher with HIV charged with sexual assault

A 43-year-old Texas music teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy he met online. And authorities say he possibly transmitted HIV to the boy.

How to prevent your home from draining your money this winter

While much of the country is still enjoying summer-like temperatures, others are already seeing early season snow. Either way, now is the time of year to start winterizing your home.

CO high school sparks controversy by crowning transgender student as homecoming princess

A Colorado high school has crowned a transgender student as homecoming princess, and the decision has sparked widespread controversy on social media about whether the school district should allow this to happen.

'Courtney' fire destroys 12 structures in California

California's "Courtney" wildfire has destroyed several homes near Bass Lake as crews continue their work to contain the blaze.

Poll: Americans back Obama's plan to defeat ISIS, but are skeptical it will work

A new NBC poll shows Americans are behind President Obama's plan to defeat ISIS radicals in Syria, but skeptical.

NY comedienne says life as a little person no joke

Editor's note: First Person is a new series of personal essays exploring identity and personal points of view that shape who we are. The first contributor is Cara Reedy, a senior administrative assistant for CNN Money.

T-Mobile offers free cell spots to all customers

(CNN) -- T-Mobile wants to beef up its cell coverage by thinking small and piggybacking on your Internet service.

5 steps to kicking the 'junk food junkie' habit

It's 1 a.m. and your standing in the kitchen, no lights, just the glare of the refrigerator staring back at you. Your eyes are searching for the perfect combination to feed your addiction and all of a sudden, the pantry calls.