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Chaos erupts at St. Louis City Hall during police oversight meeting

A shouting and shoving match erupted at St. Louis City Hall Wednesday evening during the first public hearing for a police oversight board.

U.S. Attorney General nominee faces critics of Eric Holder

Confirmations hearings for Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch continue today.

Connecticut company makes soda in honor of 'Deflategate'

In the wake of the recent controversy over deflate-gate, there is a brew at a Connecticut soda company.

‘Friendship 9’ honored for 1961 civil rights protest

A wrong was set right after more than a half century of delay in a South Carolina courtroom Wednesday.

New England recovers from record-setting blizzard

The Blizzard of 2015 is officially one for the record books. From Connecticut to Maine, heavy snow and high winds blasted the region, closing schools and businesses, shutting down roads and canceling thousands of flights.

U.S. Senate holds confirmation hearing for AG nominee Loretta Lynch

The Senate has convened a two day confirmation hearing on U.S. Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.

Helmet cams show rescue of 3 children from burning home

(KSEE) Helmet-cam video from the Fresno Fire Department shows the dramatic rescue of three young children from a burning apartment building Sunday.

Cat believed to be dead, claws its way out of grave

It sounds like a scene out of a movie: a cat is hit by a car, buried and then comes back to life. But this is no movie. This happened to a Tampa, Florida man and his beloved family cat, Bart.

Delivery driver breaks package then urinates on house

A seasonal delivery driver for UPS is out of a job after being caught on home surveillance video damaging a package and urinating on the side of a Houston, Texas house. The incident happened on January 8th.

Obama headed for collision course with Republicans

In Washington, President Obama's back from Saudi Arabia. Today he's giving remarks at a goodbye event for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

DOD denies decision has been made to charge Sgt. Bergdahl

Senior defense officials tell NBC News that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, possibly within the coming week. The Pentagon, meanwhile, maintains that a decision has not been made in Bergdahl's case.

'Deflategate' questions go unanswered on Super Bowl Media Day

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots faced thousands of journalists Tuesday as part of Super Bowl Media Day, but questions about the ongoing scandal revolving around improperly inflated balls once again went unanswered.

Wrongfully imprisoned man gets free trip to Super Bowl

When Ryan Ferguson and his dad travel this week to Glendale, Arizona, for the Super Bowl, it will be a bucket-list experience. And yet for them it will be so much more.

Package containing dog poop shuts down Sacramento County tax board

A supposed prank on the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento prompted a very serious response.

Dallas children's hospital gets 'Robot Doctor'

You've got to admit, robots can do a lot of cool stuff. But have you seen a robot doctor? Folks at Children's Medical are doing the robot. Meet RP-VITA, or as the kids call him, 'Zippy.'