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30 injured in Chicago train derailment

Thirty-two people were injured -- none seriously -- when an eight-car Chicago Transit Authority train continued through the end of the platform and struck the escalators leading to the terminals at O'Hare International Airport early Monday

Caught On Camera: Oregon teens beat man over cigarette

A quick trip to the store lands a man in the hospital in Portland, Oregon. Police say a mob of teenagers used a metal crutch and "razor" mini scooter to beat a man because he refused to give them cigarettes.

Dietitians say it's possible to feed kids healthy food that won't break the bank

Food manufacturers have made it easy to feed children on the go with convenient packaging of kid favorites at the right price. But nutrition can get lost in convenience.

More than a dozen still missing days after massive mudslide near Olympia, Washington

At least eight people are dead and 18 more are missing after a massive mudslide tore through a residential community in Washington State Saturday, leaving behind a swath of devastation.

Subprime mortgages making a comeback

Borrowers with bad credit were shut out of the mortgage market after the housing bubble burst, but now a handful of small lenders are starting to offer subprime loans again.

Microsoft defends its right to read your email

Microsoft is defending its right to break into its customers' accounts and read their emails

New app helps you avoid your friends, exes

 After moving to New York, Brian Moore could not stop running into his ex-girlfriend. There were four awkward and unplanned encounters in six months, to be exact.

MN restaurant angers town by hosting Nazi reenactment party

A Minneapolis restaurant owner is receiving threatening calls after a questionable party at his establishment.

What to know about the Obamacare March 31st deadline

The White House is making a full-court press, hiring Lebron James to get Americans to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act, before March 31st.

NJ man steals $460K in quarters

It’s not the first time a government employee has lined his own pockets with public money. But one man is raising eyebrows... after admitting to stealing 460-thousand dollars... in quarters.

Target hack: The movie? Hollywood says yes

Does the computer breach at Target have the makings of a movie? Throw in a shotgun-toting security analyst, Russian hackers, drugs and a SWAT team and Hollywood appears to think so.

The Alaskan winter in 7 pictures

In a few months, temperatures in the Alaskan interior near the town of Fairbanks will rise into the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit (mid- to high-20s Celsius).

How to stay fashionable without damaging your health

Many women want to keep up with the latest fashion and look attractive. But sometimes we have to tailor what we wear to ensure we stay healthy.

Sacramento wants cab drivers to have basic hygiene, other regulations

Sacramento city officials want cabbies to clean up their act. They are proposing new regulations for drivers, but not everyone is happy about it. Sacramento cabbie Ahmid Mahmoud is fired-up:

11-year-old NC boy drowns trying to save little sister

An 11-year-old boy has died after witnesses say he jumped into a Charlotte, North Carolina creek to save his 7-year-old sister. Paramedics pulled the two children from the creek Thursday night.