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OR family creates healty vending machines to benefit schools

If you ever find yourself feeding money into a vending machine because you missed lunch, you know how hard it can be to find a healthy snack.

Growing fire near Rowena, Oregon forces families to evacuate

Firefighters told residents of 70 homes in Oregon's Columbia Gorge community of Rowena to evacuate on Wednesday. Another 100 homes in the area were on notice to be ready to go.

Lawmakers get an update from CDC, the State Department & others on Ebola outbreak

Today lawmakers hear from the CDC the State Department and others, including Samaritans Purse - the relief organization whose two American Ebola patients are in Atlanta being given an experimental treatment.

WA residents unhappy with state's decision to kill nutria

If you hear gunshots around Olympia, Washington's Capitol Lake this week, don't worry. Unless you are a nutria.

Russian hackers steal 1.2 billion internet user names & passwords

A Russian crime ring has stolen 1.2 billion internet user names and passwords. It's not clear what the hackers will do with all the private information, but experts warn you should change your passwords now, and frequently.

Party host says 2,000+ rave 'worth it' despite overdoses, sexual assault

It was a lot quieter Sunday night outside James Taylor's Mecosta County home than it was just hours before. Taylor, 20, calls the farm house that's been in the family for 100 years his party house.

Kentucky poodle is becoming a 'Paw'-casso

An amateur artist is expected to be the highlight of a charity art exhibit this week in Louisville, Kentucky. While his work is expected to fetch a couple hundred dollars, buyers may be more impressed with his artistic temperament.

3 boys try out for girls' volleyball team at FL high school

After three years of playing high school volleyball, senior Samantha Schlesman is once again trying out for the squad. But this year, tryouts are a bit different.

Medical experts show how a plasma infusion helped save a soldier's life

One of the iconic pictures to surface out of the war in Afghanistan wouldn't have been possible if not for this life-saving substance which is being tested in San Antonio, Texas.

Patient showing possible Ebola symptoms at Ohio hospital tests negative for virus

A 46-year-old Columbus, Ohio resident who was recently tested for Ebola has tested negative for the virus.

Underwater speakers keep invasive fish out of north stretch of Mississippi River

(KTTC) An invasive species of carp have been slowly making their way up north on the Mississippi River, threatening the natural species that call those waters home.

UPDATE: Military releases name of U.S. General killed in Afghanistan

UPDATE: U.S. Major General Harold Greene was deputy commander in charge of training Afghan government forces and was killed today visiting some of the men he helped train.

PHOTOS: CA parents create beautiful remembrance of stillborn baby

A California's parents-to-be worst nightmare came true recently when their daughter arrived stillborn. The family has turned their grief into a beautiful rembrance of photography that is now being shared with the world.

Michigan police say 12-year-old stabbed 9-year-old to death on neighborhood playground

Police in Kentwood, Michigan say a 12-year-old stabbed a 9-year-old Monday. It happened on a playground at the Pinewood Village Mobile Home Park.

New study finds texting can be a deadly distraction for pedestrians

It may seem harmless, but a new study shows walking and texting can be a deadly distraction.