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Couples explain how their marriages started at summer camp

American adolescents and summer camp go together like bug juice and s'mores. For many young adults, the occasion marks a golden opportunity for co-ed camaraderie in the mess hall or even a stolen kiss in the woods.

How to avoid the Freshman 15 in college

It's hard to think back to a time in life where you could eat what you want, when you wanted, how you wanted and whatever you wanted and not gain a pound.

Why people still pay attention to Charles Manson

Inside the Charles Manson room at the Museum of Death in Hollywood, Anne Forde looks at crime scene photos from the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders.

SC woman out thousands in Facebook lottery scam

Chesnee, SC (WGCL) -- A Chesnee woman is warning others of a Facebook lottery scam that cost her thousands of dollars. "I was happy about, you know, I wasn't thinking about a scam or anything," said Cindy Brigman.

8 places in the U.S. for fantastic fossil finds

A bird with an estimated 20- to 24-foot wingspan was identified in South Carolina. There's evidence that dinosaurs roamed what's now a national park in Alaska and a 9-foot-tall stegomastodon was unearthed in New Mexico.

Got medical debt? Your FICO credit score may go up

If you have loads of medical debt in collections, you could see your credit score go up soon.

IBM builds a brain out of computer chips

IBM has built a computer chip that functions like a brain. It can sense, taste, feel, smell, hear, and understand its surroundings.

What your kid gets out of a summer camp that costs $16,000

Let's break down what it costs to send Little Junior to sleep-away camp this summer. Before we begin, let's establish that we aren't talking about the sticky Bug Juice-laden camps of your youth.

Minnesota cafe adds surcharge to offset minimum wage hike

The small Oasis Cafe near downtown Stillwater, Minnesota has found itself in the center of a large media storm after passing on a 35-cent fee to every customer's meal tab, a move to offset Minnesota's recent minimum wage hike.

6-year-old cancer survivor collects 1,500 toys for AZ charity

Phoenix, AZ (KTVK) -- Like most kids nearing their seventh birthday, Baylee Nichols asked for toys.

VIDEO: Inside the Goodyear Blimp

When he was little, Matt Lussier wanted to be a bird. He settled for flying with them. "There's only about 35 to 40 blimp pilots in the world," said Lussier. "I was at the right place at the right time."

U.S. doctor describes being infected with Ebola

Writing from the isolation unit at Emory University Hospital, Dr. Kent Brantly recalls the moment it was confirmed that he was infected with Ebola.

9-year-old describes alligator bite while swimming in FL

Gator trappers returned to Lake Tohopekaliga in St. Cloud, Florida early Friday morning in an effort to catch the alligator that bit a 9-year-old boy.

U.S. jets bomb Islamic militants in northern Iraq

U.S. fighter jets were back over the skies of Iraq Friday, dropping bombs on Islamic militant targets.

RAW VIDEO: Human waste spill shuts down traffic on Michigan highway

Human waste shut down a major highway in Lansing, Michigan on Friday.