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Texas mom invents app to control child's phone

For parents of teenagers, not knowing where your child is can be frustrating, even frightening. And giving them a cell phone doesn't always mean they'll answer.

Runaway lives inside Texas Walmart for over 2 days

A missing East Texas child made national headlines after it was learned he had been hiding inside a local Walmart for days.

'Joke' photos of a baby in a roasting pan & pacifier taped to her face trigger investigation

Authorities are investigating after photos of a 2-month-old Columbus girl with duct-tape across her pacifier sparked outrage on social media.

Another night of violent overnight protests rock Ferguson, Missouri

For the fourth straight night Thursday tear gas filled the air in Ferguson, Missouri, where hundreds of protesters again clashed with police.

Researchers at Mote Marine Laboratory say sharks could potentially save millions of lives

Sometimes sharks get a bad rap. Most humans want to stay far away from them. But researchers at Mote Marine Laboratory say sharks could potentially save millions of lives.

More Americans arrive in Iraq, but they are not there to fight

More Americans have arrived in Iraq, but U.S. officials say it's to help, not to fight. 130 additional Marines and Special Ops forces are in Erbil.

Ferguson Police delay naming officer who shot teen

Police in Ferguson, Missouri abruptly backed off plans Tuesday to release the identity of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager over the weekend. The shooting sparked three days of sometimes violent protests.

Venom from bees, scorpions, & snakes may hold cancer cure

It's ancient medicine with a sci-fi-sounding twist.

Some anti-bacterial soaps may be harmful to pregnant women, researchers say

There's a new warning about dangerous toxins hiding in common household products.

Police officer has dance off with teens in Kansas City

A group of Kansas City, Missouri teens had no idea what to expect when two police officers stopped in a patrol car in their neighborhood Sunday.

NM city hall has 30 days to appeal removal of Ten Commandments

The city of Bloomfield, New Mexico has 30 days to appeal a decision made by a federal judge to remove a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lawn in front of Bloomfield City Hall.

WA mom concludes baby is devil, throws him off cliff

Witnesses say a woman who threw her son over a fence and down the embankment was reading scripture and said her son was the devil.

CA sheriff reveals cause of Robin Williams' death

The tributes to Robin Williams flow from around the world as stunned friends and family search for answers about why the comic legend would take his own life at home in California.

Tips to making healthy homework habits

It's time to hit the books again, and we've got some tips to make homework time a productive time.. When the school day is over, children still have a lot to do, including their homework.

TX woman gets kicked out of restaurant for changing baby's diaper

A Texas mother says she was kicked out of a pizza restaurant for changing her baby at the table. She says there was no changing table in the restroom. The restaurant's owners say that's no excuse.