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Singing woman leaps into lion cage at Memphis Zoo, tosses cookies

A woman was uninjured after entering a lion exhibit at the Memphis Zoo in an attempt to feed the big cats cookies. Visitors contacted Memphis Zoo security when the woman jumped the barrier into the lions' enclosure.

TX officer pulls woman from tracks seconds before speeding train passes

Police officers find themselves in precarious situations all the time. The difference in this story is that every hair-raising second was caught on camera.

VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says

By Scott Bronstein, Drew Griffin and Nelli Black CNN Investigations

Texas leaders tour facilities for unaccompanied immigrant children

As the number of unaccompanied children crossing the southern U.S. border soars the Obama administration is increasing its warnings to Central American families not to send their children on the treacherous journey.

Is the story of a 3-yr-old asked to leave KFC a hoax?

The story grabbed national attention, but now, it appears it was all made-up.

Tense exchanges took place during hearings into why IRS targeted some conservative groups

The investigation into whether the IRS deliberately targeting conservative groups has taken a bit of a left turn, and now lawmakers want to special prosecutor to look into why some of the evidence disappeared.

LA man in trouble with TX authorities for stealing cattle with hot checks

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS (KETK) — The owner of a cattle company in East Texas was arrested Friday for stealing cattle through the use of hot checks.

FBI targets pimps, rescues 168 children in nationwide crackdown

By Dana Ford- CNN (CNN) -- The FBI has rescued 168 children and arrested 281 pimps in a countrywide crackdown on child sex trafficking.

Houston Jogger finds baby abandoned by car thief

An Amber Alert has been canceled after a missing 8-month-old baby was found safe, abandoned in a vacant lot in Houston, Texas.

U.S. Women's Open: Michelle Wie wins first major title

U.S. Women's Open: Michelle Wie wins first major title (CNN) -- The week started with all focus on golf's latest child prodigy, but it has ended with a former wonder kid finally fulfilling her great promise.

FL airman surprises grandmother upon return from deployment

Dressed in military fatigues and with some of his family by his side, Kyle Richert, slipped into the back door of a Jacksonville, Florida Longhorn Steakhouse with a single mission: surprise his grandmohter.

VIDEO: FL woman escapes handcuffs, eats marijuana in cop car

BREVARD COUNTY, FL (WKMG/CNN) — A Central Florida woman is facing serious charges after police say she was caught with a bag of marijuana, and then ate the evidence.

Plastic surgeon to help 3-yr-old kicked out of KFC for scarred face

A Mississippi girl who was asked to leave a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant because of her facial scars is getting some medical help. A Las Vegas doctor flew to Jackson, Mississippi Saturday to meet with her and her family.