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Turn signal lever stuck in Illinois man's arm for 51 years

Decades after a car wreck a mystery has been solved for a Granite City man. He had an unusual object removed from his arm and had no clue it was connected to the crash.

Ohio: husband, wife, & baby share New Year's birthday

Today is Raheen Stover's 36th birthday. It's also his wife's birthday. Qiana Stover turns 34 today. But wait! There's more and it's unbelievable. The couple's first baby was born today.

How to put down your smartphone and master the art of conversation

As smartphones bleed into all parts of our life, a common New Year's resolution for 2015 will be to cut down on phone usage and be more present in the moment. It's harder than it sounds.

Son decapitated mother over 'nagging,' Florida sheriff says

When the cops showed up to a subdivision Wednesday night in Oldsmar, Florida, it wasn't to break up a loud party or for any sort of bacchanalian revelry typical of New Year's Eve.

Denver gay couple's 'fabulous' response to hate crime

It was a message of hate delivered just in time for the holidays.

Oregon man donates kidney to best friend

A Gresham man is giving his wife's coworker the best New Year's gift ever - a new kidney. Michael Tierney and Vance Westerberg met 15 years ago at the Costco off of Airport Way in Portland.

GM recalls thousands of SUVs, trucks due to ignition issue

General Motors kicks off 2015 with more recalls. According to an article in the Detroit News, GM is recalling 83,000 SUVs and trucks for ignition issues. The vehicles in the latest recall 2011-2012:

Why New Year's is the best day to apply for financial aid

Hoping to relax on New Year's Day? Well if you or a family member is headed to college in 2015, that's too bad.

KKK sponsored 'White Pride' billboard causes stir in Arkansas

A new billboard in Harrison, Arkansas is attracting quite a bit of attention. The Knights Club of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) sponsors the ad.

Georgia police chief told 911 he accidentally shot wife, investigators say

Magazines and websites regularly rank Peachtree City, Georgia, as one of the best places to live and raise a family.

What to do with your leftover Champagne

 Here's the thing about Champagne: It's only good for drinking when it's freshly opened, cold and sparkling in its glass.

It's not the 2015 of 'Back to the Future II'

There are only nine months left to get that flying car designed and in production.

Chick-fil-A investigating possible payment card breach

Chick-fil-A is working with law enforcement to look into potential unusual activity involving card payments at a few of its locations, the fast-food chain said.

Welcome to 2015, where it's all about 2016

Votes won't be cast until 2016, but the next White House occupant will have an extremely busy 2015.

Blind attorney becomes Michigan Supreme Court Justice

Tomorrow, Attorney Richard Bernstein begins a new chapter in his life. He is blind and was nearly killed a few years ago when he was hit while out running.