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Health officials say you should get your flu shot now

The typical flu season doesn't begin for at least another month, but experts say now is the time to start thinking about rolling up your sleeves and getting vaccinated.

Lawmakers back Obama's Syrian rebels

Lawmakers in Washington have backed the President's plan to train Syrian opposition forces already fighting ISIS militants on the ground. Most Democrats and Republicans agree it's the best plan.

CDC: Four people sick with malaria, one critical

The Centers for Disease Control says a man that is critically ill in a New Orleans, LA, area hospital has malaria. The man came in on a cargo ship that had been to several ports before arriving in Louisiana. 

Infant found alive after flood waters destroy his CA home

Flooding in Palm Springs, California decimated one family's home Tuesday.

Senate debates arming Syrian rebels to fight ISIS

The Senate is set for a vote on providing weapons to Syrian rebels for their fight against ISIS militants.

AL Mardi Gras krewe changes name after being mistaken for ISIS militant group

A local Mardi Gras group in Mobile, Alabama is doing everything it can to distance itself from the militant group ISIS.

Plaquemines Parish President: one person taken from ship to hospital, listed in critical condition

UPDATE: Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser says at least one person was taken to a hospital from a ship that arrived from Africa.

Ohio bus driver dies saving child during safety drill

Laura Zborowski is being called a hero after she sacrificed her life to save a student.

6 people join lawsuit against edible marijuana vendor in Colorado

Six additional plaintiffs have joined a class action lawsuit alleging that they were given marijuana-laced chocolate at Colorado's Denver County Fair without their knowledge.

Congress prepares for vote on Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels

President Obama is in Tampa today for a briefing from Central Command, the military unit in charge of the Middle East, while Congress tries to push through a vote giving him the okay to arm Syrian rebels against ISIS militants.

Indiana Police: man killed girlfriend then ate her organs

Horrific details of a southern Indiana homicide were released Monday, including allegations that Joseph Oberhansley ate portions of Tammy Jo Blanton's brain, heart and lungs after stabbing her to death.

LSU Student to receive surprise from Ellen DeGeneres on NBC33 Tuesday

Jasmine Williams is a Junior at Louisiana State University.

Wildfire destroys 100 buildings in Northern California

A rapidly growing wildfire has destroyed 100 homes and other buildings in the small town of Weed, California. The blaze, driven by, wind burned 100 structures including a Catholic church and mill.

Congress to vote on part of Obama's ISIS plan

The Secretary of Defense and Chair of the Joint Chiefs are set to testify on Capitol Hill about the Obama administration's strategy to defeat ISIS.

Kerry working to build international coalition against ISIS

There are more growing pains in the coalition that the United States is cobbling together to fight the ISIS extremist army in Iraq and Syria.