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CDC: middle-aged white men most likely to die of alcohol poisoning

Despite what you might think, college kids on spring break are not the group in the united states most likely to die from alcohol poisoning.

1 million expected to lose food stamps as economy improves

A side effect of the improving economy: About 1 million needy people will lose food stamp benefits starting this fall.

NASA stuns with new image of 'Pillars of Creation'

NASA has come out with a new image that could become one of its most iconic ever.

Member of Ferguson grand jury trying to lift lifetime gag order

A grand juror who served on the grand jury that decided not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown is suing St.

Brutally Honest: Is it OK to spy on your kids?

Whether you think spying on your kids is acceptable in today's digital age or a breach of trust seems to really depend on how you define "spying" in the first place.

114th U.S. Congress starts with Republicans in control

The 114th United States Congress gets underway today in Washington. Republicans are taking over the Senate, and they're looking to put a lot of their ideas on President Obama's desk.

3 Apps that will help you keep your New Year’s resolution

Your smartphone can be a handy tool to help keep those New Year's resolutions. If you vowed to exercise more, the Pact app can provide a monetary incentive to keep your goal.

XL Pipeline top priority for Republican-controlled Congress

The newly elected Congress will begin work on Tuesday. Republicans will take control of the Senate, and plan to immediately begin work on approving the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline and making minor adjustments to Obamacare.

Vandals destroy ancient headstones in Massachusetts cemetery

Dozens of tombstones were found vandalized at a Whitman, Massachusetts cemetery Saturday.

Don't believe this Facebook hoax!

Are your Facebook friends posting some strange legalese about privacy guidelines? Yeah, that's a bunch of garbage.

Texas man calls 911 to confess to 2011 murder

After more than three years of dead ends, police in Corpus Christi, Texas finally have a suspect in the 2011 murder of Patricia Duling.

Texas man reunited with stolen home

A Texas couple have been reunited with their tiny house after it was stolen just before Christmas. "It was depressing, devastating, made me angry and shocked all at the same time," said Casey Friday.

Ohio waitress gets $2,500 tip on New Year's Eve

Customers inside Japanese steakhouses like things differently. Some like rare. Some like well done. Well, a rare event indeed happened New Year's Eve, when one family did something quite rare. And it was well done.

Man finds stray bullet in his bed after being locked out of house

A Fresno, California man is lucky to be alive after a stray bullet landed in his bed on New Year's Eve. The bullet packed enough punch to break through the roof of the home.

Jury selections begins for Boston Marathon bombing trial

Jury selection is underway in the trial of accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.