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CO girl back in school after suspension for trying to support friend with cancer

The Caprock Academy Board of Directors, in Grand Junction, Colorado voted 3-1 to allow a little girl who shaved her head to return to school.

Houston construction worker trapped on top floor of burning building

A woman working in a nearby building grabbed her cellphone and recorded the dramatic rescue of a construction worker who was trapped when an apartment complex where he was doing work on went up in flames.

4-year-old boy buried in mud by Saturday's mudslide is pulled to safety

Video released Tuesday shows the dramatic moment a helicopter rescue team rescues a four year old boy from the devastating mudslides in Washington State.

Searchers continue to comb through debris for victims of mudslide in Washington State

As the search continues for survivors of a deadly mudslide in Washington state, the first steps in helping those affected have already begun.

SC man hits girlfriend with anger management book, both arrested

A Spartanburg County man is accused of hitting his girlfriend with his anger management book while she was accused of stabbing him with a boxcutter, landing both of them in jail.

Suspect pulls gun inside Iowa courtroom

A security scare at an Iowa courthouse, a suspect pulled a gun in front of the judge at his sentencing hearing on a meth charge. Cory Daugherty wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Mississippi set to execute 1st female prisoner in 70 years

The letter starts off like any normal letter from a son to his mother. "First, let me say Happy M-Day, + I Love you." The second sentence, however, reveals a darker history.

25 strippers sue city of San Diego

Nude dancers at a Kearny Mesa strip club have filed a claim against the city of San Diego over the conduct of police officers during a recent raid at the club.

AZ Dad of 7-pound baby buys tobacco, not formula

A Phoenix couple faces child abuse charges for neglecting to feed their 9-month-old baby who weighed 7 pounds when he was seen by medical staff, police said.

Supreme Court considers challenges against Obamacare contraception mandate

Women's rights activists rallied outside the Supreme Court Tuesday, begging justices to uphold the Obamacare requirement that private businesses offer contraceptive care.

GA: high school player saves umpire's life during game

Some of us go through our whole lives and never find out whether we'd come through in the clutch.

National Ag Day 2014

Today is National Ag Day.

FL family traps panty burglar in bathroom

Fast asleep overnight Saturday, a Golden Gate, Florida family was jolted awake. "We heard a big boom sound. My husband got up, ran to my kids' room," said mother Janet Gonzalez.

FL Man attacks estranged wife with machete, son jumps in

It was the middle of the night Sunday when Okeechobee County investigators say Jose Fonseca broke into his estranged wife's home for a second time that day.

CO school suspends 11-year-old for shaving her head in support of classmate's battle with cancer

It was meant as a gesture of solidarity: a girl in Grand Junction, Colorado shaved her head to support her friend, who is battling cancer.