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Mississippi tea party leader dies in apparent suicide

A tea party leader tied to alleged political dirty tricks that rattled Republicans in Mississippi and beyond is dead -- shot once in the head in an apparent suicide, according to police.

AL man rear ends SUV, runs over grandmother in front of her family

A Douglasville, Georgia family is in shock after a motorist turned a vehicle into a weapon and ran over a grandmother right in front of them.

U.S. catches World Cup fever

As Team USA moves on to the round of 16 in the World Cup, there is evidence the country's new found love affair with soccer may be more than just a one time fling. A growing fan base is embracing the sport like never before.

Iraqi army counter-attacks ISIS militants

As Iraqi government forces work to secure Baghdad, they claim they're counter-attacking ISIS militants as well. Experts credit Iraqi generals, not Iraq's President Nouri al Malaki for the action.

Study finds sitting 3 hours a day could increase risk of early death

(NBC News) Sometimes all we want to do after a long day parked at a desk at work is veg out on the couch and binge on some mindless television, but spending too much time in front of the TV may cut our lives short.

Fireworks: How to play it safe this July 4th

(NBC News) Many Americans are stocking up on fireworks and sparklers in preparation for a 4th of July celebration, but new government statistics show a recent rise in fireworks-related injuries.

TN 12-yr-old invents tool to save babies

12-year-old Andrew Schuler has been inventing things for years.

Police say former GA Tech football player locked son in room for 2 years

Citing "disciplinary reasons," a Georgia couple told authorities they locked their 13-year-old son in a small basement room with nothing but a mattress, a box spring and a bucket for a toilet, police said.

MO Police: man throws ex-girlfriend's dog to its death

A Springfield, Missouri man is facing burglary charges after allegedly breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and tossing her dog to its death from her window.

Dog digs up doll, human remains in California backyard

A dog digging "obsessively" in its Yuba City, California backyard tipped off its owner to a number of unusual items, including doll fragments and a ceramic pot, along with human and animal skeletal remains, police said Thursday.

Michigan man claiming to be from planet "Zoltron" jumps onto moving cop car

A man, apparently on drugs, jumped onto the windshield of a Michigan sheriff's department cruiser Sunday.

Expert cookout tips help you to fill up while keeping costs down

The trip down the grocery aisle this 4th of July is set to be a pricey one.

12-year-old FL boy steals school bus, goes for joy ride

(WJHG) A 12-year-old boy who reportedly stole a school bus and took a joy ride is facing some very serious charges.

Lawmakers are frustrated that immigration reform will likely not pass

One year ago a group of four Democrats and four Republicans came up with what they thought would be the grand compromise on immigration. Now key lawmakers admit immigration reform probably isn't going to happen.

LATEST in hot-car toddler death: Incriminating search history on father’s computer

By Ben Brumfield, Eliott C. McLaughlin and Ralph Ellis- CNN (CNN) -- [Breaking news update, Thursday, 4:20 p.m.]