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Georgia police believe toddler may have been left in car intentionally

A 22-month-old Georgia boy left in a hot car for several hours died of hyperthermia, according to an autopsy report.

Boehner says he wants to sue Obama for trying to change the law

The tug-of-war between Congress and the White House may be headed to the courts. Republican House Speaker John Boehner says he wants to sue President Obama for trying to change the law.

Small enclosures reportedly cause zoochosis in animals

By Amanda Taylor Salt Lake City, UT (KSL) -- Animals in zoos unused to the conditions and close quarters of their enclosures can develop mental health issues, experts say.

Heatstroke: Protecting yourself from this summer danger

By CNN Staff (CNN) -- Heatstroke deaths often surge in summer months as temperatures rise.

TX Mom finds 3 of her kids dead

Police are investigating after a mother found the bodies of her children inside their Stafford, Texas home. Detectives say the bodies were scattered in different parts of the home with gunshot wounds.

Seattle Archdiocese settles 30 sex-abuse cases for $12 million

By Ralph Ellis- CNN (CNN) -- The Archdiocese of Seattle has settled 30 claims of sexual abuse that were filed against the archdiocese and members of the Christian Brothers religious order, the archdiocese announced Tuesday.

CA Mom who abandoned son allegedly abducts him from foster home

By Tracy Bloom Los Angeles, CA (KTLA) -- Police were searching for a 4-year-old boy on Wednesday who was allegedly kidnapped by his mother from his foster mom's residence in Pomona, authorities said.

Boehner plans lawsuit against Obama over executive orders

By Deirdre Walsh- CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday told reporters that he plans to sue President Barack Obama over his use of executive action.

Hot-car toddler death: Tragic accident or murder?

By Eliott C. McLaughlin- CNN

Ebola epidemic 'out of control' in West Africa

By Danielle Dellorto- CNN (CNN) -- The deadly Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has hit "unprecedented" proportions, according to relief workers on the ground.

Supreme Court rules police need warrant to search cell phones

By Bill Mears- CNN WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday unanimously ruled that police may not search the cell phones of criminal suspects upon arrest without a warrant -- a sweeping endorsement for privacy rights.

New CDC ad campaign uses graphic images of disfigured former smokers

A graphic ad campaign from the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention aimed at helping smokers quit will soon hit the airwaves. The ads tell real-life stories of tobacco's dangers.

MO Woman killed en route to bachelorette party

By DeAnn Smith, Bonyen Lee Morgan County, MO (KCTV) -- A 26-year-old old Lee's Summit woman was killed in a car crash while she was traveling to the Lake of the Ozarks for her bachelorette party.

WA Police: Kids found covered in feces, urine after mom skips town for days

By Steve Kiggins Auburn, WA (KCPQ) -- An Auburn mom is in jail after police say she abandoned her two toddlers for the better part of a week.