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ISIS Militants appear to have taken their first American Victim

The ISIS militants who've terrorized Iraq appear to have killed their first American victim. The group released a horrifying video showing the execution of James Foley - a journalist kidnapped in Syria back in 2012.

Postal worker saves choking baby, while delivering mail in SC

A frantic mother trying to save her baby from choking found help from an unlikely hero. Stephanie Cooper said her 11-month-old son had put a plastic wrapper in his mouth Friday, and it got lodged in his throat.

Man goes to Maine jail wearing t-shirt showing his last mug shot

One Maine man had a sense of humor when he reported to jail August 8.

Two shot, dozens arrested during another night of violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri

The streets of Ferguson, Missouri exploded with violence again Monday night, smoke and tear gas filling the air as police and protesters clashed.

Utah thief gives police selfie during heist

It's not very often police detectives get a suspect to pose in the surveillance camera, but that's what a burglary suspect in Orem, Utah did in a moment that was clearly unintentional.

CA art students float down Mississippi River in Huck Finn-like raft

Two art students from California are traveling down the Mississippi River this month in a one of a kind boat, while working on a project called Secret History of the American River People.

Wisconsin couple in their 90s, gets married at nursing home

A special wedding was held Saturday at an unusual venue in Seymour, Wisconsin: an assisted living center. The couple, who are both in their 90s, decided to tie the knot.

New Mexico patient in isolation after Ebola-like symptoms

Health officials continue to monitor a New Mexico woman showing symptoms similar to the Ebola virus. The woman was traveling in the West African nation of Sierra Leone at the beginning of the month.

Another night of violent protest rocks Ferguson, Missouri

Chaos unfolded once again in Ferguson, Missouri Sunday ening. Hours before a set curfew was to begin officer in riot gear moved in to clear the streets after police say protesters began lobbing Molatav cocktails.

'As Seen On TV' company accused of fraud

The company that put the Ped Egg, the Pocket Hose and the Olde Brooklyn Lantern on TV is in trouble with officials in New Jersey,

Counterfeiting raises question, are $100 bills worth printing?

Is the $100 bill more trouble than it's worth? Influential Harvard professor Ken Rogoff thinks so. Rogoff ought to know. He was also once the chief economist at the international Monetary Fund.

Phone scammers claim to be IRS, threaten jail time to CT residents

An unwanted call to dozens of Connecticut residents is prompting police to warn you to "be alert" when you pick up the phone.

Applicants lying on resumes is more common than you think

 Would you hire someone because they're an Olympic medalist? How about a high school free throw champion? Or Tom Cruise's babysitter?

Take a selfie, then eat it on a marshmallow!

Move over Kate Middleton! Younger brother James Middleton is stealing the spotlight with his candy business that prints Instagram and Facebook pictures on marshmallows.

Former U.S. spy becomes financial advisor

Matthew Mancuso feeds off complexity.