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Did you visit HuffPost last week? You might have a virus

This past week, The Huffington Post and several major websites displayed malware-laced advertisements that infected computers and locked them down.

Florida dad accused of throwing 5-year-old daughter to her death

A 5-year-old girl is dead after police say her father threw her over the side of a St. Petersburg, Florida bridge early Thursday morning.

French Officials search for suspects in newspaper attack

As the French continue to search for three suspects in the "Charlie Hebdo" attack... It's having a chilling effect here in the U.S.

An avocado a day keeps the doctor away?

A new study completed at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, has shown that avocados can help lower bad cholesterol.

Dangerously cold temperatures push across U.S.

Winter weather is impacting much of the country, with snow and dangerously low temperatures affecting millions.

Oregon Trail video game returns, dysentery included

Nostalgic for your Oregon Trail days? No more. The Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital archive, has added over 2,300 MS-DOS games and programs to its site.

Sisters, ages 15 & 11, charged with killing older brother

It could be weeks before the public knows if 11- and 15-year-old sisters will be charged as adults in the shooting death of their brother, as a Florida prosecutor has 30 days to make his next move in the fratricide case.

Puppy survives knitting needle through heart

You can't tell from her wagging tail what a troubled tale Tutti could tell.

Historians open 220-year-old time capsule left by Founding Fathers

Early residents of Boston valued a robust press as much as their history and currency if the contents of a time capsule dating back to the years just after the Revolutionary War are any guide.

New Congress starts tug of war between Obama & Republicans

President Obama is making three stops this week to highlight jobs - plus some new initiatives on housing and college, but Republicans here insist he's not driving this train.

Doctor shot, gunman kills self inside El Paso VA Clinic

A spokesperson with Congressman Beto O'Rourke's Office has confirmed that a doctor at the El Paso VA Clinic was shot before the gunman turned the gunman on himself earlier this afternoon.

Latest gadgets showcased at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas Tuesday, showcasing the latest high-tech gadgets.

Arctic blast brings brutal temperatures south

Brutal winter conditions have a grip on much of the country right now and are causing major travel problems across multiple states.

CDC: middle-aged white men most likely to die of alcohol poisoning

Despite what you might think, college kids on spring break are not the group in the united states most likely to die from alcohol poisoning.

1 million expected to lose food stamps as economy improves

A side effect of the improving economy: About 1 million needy people will lose food stamp benefits starting this fall.