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Mugshot of #1 Patriots fan goes viral

A photo of a recently arrested suspect, and apparently, number one New England Patriots superfan has gone viral.

Couple sues state of Tennessee over baby's name

A Brentwood couple is suing the state of Tennessee for the right to choose the surname for their newborn son.

Protests erupt for second night after off-duty St. Louis police shooting

Protesters took to St. Louis streets for a second night Thursday after an off-duty officer killed a teen who fired at him three times, authorities said.

NY man shot minutes after walking free from prison

From Upper Manhattan to Western Orange County, some 70 miles away, there's a three-agency police search underway, following the shooting of a man who had just finished serving a 15-year prison sentence and had walked out of a state facility

How U.S. soldiers will help fight Ebola in Liberia

The United States Army is getting ready to fight a new enemy, one that's invisible to the naked eye.

Technology in weddings are now as commonplace as the rings

Just as technology has become part of the everyday, for many, it's also become part of their special day.

Supreme Court's decision to hold off on same-sex marriage causes much confusion

A decision earlier this week by the U.S. Supreme Court not to act on same sex marriage is causing a lot of confusion. Four days later, couples in states where marriage is supposed to be legal can't get licenses.

Mobile school forces 5-year-old to sign 'suicide contract'

An Alabama mother is furious that her 5-year-old daughter was forced to sign a school contract stating she wouldn't kill herself or anyone else at school.

Lawyer claims IL teen accused of trying to join ISIS, can't get fair trial

An Illinois man accused of attempting to join ISIS was ordered held without bond in Chicago Thursday. 19-year-old Mohammed Hamzah Khan was arrested while allegedly on his way to join ISIS.

Colorado black bear breaks in couple's car, steal food

Douglas County, CO (KDVR) -- We've all heard a locked car door is your first line of defense against car break-ins, but you might not realize that applies to break-ins from both humans and bears.

Former PA inmate says guards forced him to participate in prison 'fight club'

A former York County prison inmate filed a federal lawsuit alleging that four York County prison guards forced him to participate in a fight club as well as what's being called the, "Retard Olympics".

AT&T will pay $105 million for unauthorized charges on customer bills

Listen up, AT&T customers: You may be in for a refund.

Police: Off-duty St. Louis officer shoots, kills man who fired at him

  Just 12 miles south of the spot where a police officer killed Michael Brown, it happened again: Another 18-year-old died at the hands of police Wednesday.

Questions surrounds death of Thomas Duncan, first person diagnosed with Ebola in U.S.

There are questions surrounding the death of Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, and health officials are evaluating a possible second Ebola case.

The truth behind gluten sensitivity

Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disease that damages our small intestine when we eat food that contains gluten such as wheat, rye and barley grains.