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U.S. Supreme Court hears case of pregnant driver vs. UPS

When former UPS driver Peggy Young was pregnant with her daughter in 2006, UPS refused to give her light duty, even though her doctor advised her not to lift 70 pound packages.

14-year-old set on fire by Ohio teen at sleepover

Witnesses say a Butler County case in which one teen allegedly set another on fire was a matter of bullying that went too far. The burned teen is receiving care at Cincinnati Shriners Hospital, while the other is locked up.

PlayStation celebrates 20th birthday

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- PlayStation is all grown up now.

NFL admits it made 'crucial mistake' in punishment of Ray Rice

During a surprisingly emotional appearance before a congressional panel on Tuesday, Troy Vincent, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations, admitted the league made a "crucial mistake" in its initial punishment of

N.Y. cop not indicted in chokehold death

A grand jury in New York on Wednesday decided not to indict white police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the July choke hold death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, according to two law enforcement officials.

4-year-old's wish comes true, becomes UPS driver

A little boy with dreams of becoming a UPS driver was granted his wish.

Cat survives for 36 days trapped inside box

The story is hard to believe, but owner Ashley Barth and the veterinarian’s office where her cat is being treated say it’s true: Mee Moowe the cat survived a month-long trip across the country without food or water.

Indiana airman surprises little sister after serving 2 years overseas

A little girl name Hannah thought she was being taped by the news because of an upcoming school project. She thought wrong.

Boy kidnapped, hidden in wall now back home

The boy who was kidnapped and hidden inside a Georgia home for four years is now back with his mother in Orlando.

Obama's request for Ebola Emergency funding sits on Capitol Hill for weeks

Ebola "emergency" funds... Not so much of an emergency. The President's request has been sitting here on Capitol Hill for weeks - part of the budget Congress needs to pass by December 11th.

GOP leaders discuss Obama's executive actions on immigration reform

Republicans said Tuesday they may withhold money from the Department of Homeland Security in order to stop President Obama' plan to end the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Auto sales jump in November

The big auto makers have reason to be jolly this holiday season. November sales figures released Tuesday show a huge improvement over last year. Chrysler leads the way, posting a 20 percent jump from last November.

Detroit power outage puts schools, other public buildings in the dark

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said a power outage put city schools, firehouses, police stations, City Hall and Wayne State University in the dark Tuesday morning.

Teen charged for brutal hammer murder in St. Louis

Murder charges have been filed against a St. Louis teen for his role in a brutal hammer attack.

Gun sales increase as Black Friday spending declines

It looks like Santa will be delivering more guns this Christmas.