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Hiker finds 125 million-year-old dinosaur tracks in Utah

Moab, UT (KSL) -- A hiker has discovered a new collection of footprints left behind 125 million years ago by a number of different dinosaurs.

TN school suspends girl after saying 'bless you' after sneeze

A Tennessee high school student claims she was standing up for her religious beliefs in the classroom when she was suspended after breaking a class rule of saying "bless you" when a classmate sneezed.

Lightning strike injures 6 students during football practice in NM

A 13-year-old Las Cruces, New Mexico boy was critically injured by a lightning strike during 8th grade football practice at Picacho Middle School Tuesday.

Experimental device may offer relief for cluster headaches

Medication hasn't helped Paul Alterio's debilitating cluster headaches, which have incapacitated him two to three times a day for the past four years.

Are things finally calming down in Ferguson, MO?

Calm prevailed overnight in Ferguson, Missouri. Protesters still took to the streets, but the violent clashes with police that marred previous marches was absent.

Patient showing possible Ebola symptoms isolated at Sacramento hospital

A patient at the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center is being tested for Ebola. The patient may have been exposed to the Ebola virus, so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will take blood samples.

ISIS Militants appear to have taken their first American Victim

The ISIS militants who've terrorized Iraq appear to have killed their first American victim. The group released a horrifying video showing the execution of James Foley - a journalist kidnapped in Syria back in 2012.

Postal worker saves choking baby, while delivering mail in SC

A frantic mother trying to save her baby from choking found help from an unlikely hero. Stephanie Cooper said her 11-month-old son had put a plastic wrapper in his mouth Friday, and it got lodged in his throat.

Man goes to Maine jail wearing t-shirt showing his last mug shot

One Maine man had a sense of humor when he reported to jail August 8.

Two shot, dozens arrested during another night of violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri

The streets of Ferguson, Missouri exploded with violence again Monday night, smoke and tear gas filling the air as police and protesters clashed.

Utah thief gives police selfie during heist

It's not very often police detectives get a suspect to pose in the surveillance camera, but that's what a burglary suspect in Orem, Utah did in a moment that was clearly unintentional.

CA art students float down Mississippi River in Huck Finn-like raft

Two art students from California are traveling down the Mississippi River this month in a one of a kind boat, while working on a project called Secret History of the American River People.

Wisconsin couple in their 90s, gets married at nursing home

A special wedding was held Saturday at an unusual venue in Seymour, Wisconsin: an assisted living center. The couple, who are both in their 90s, decided to tie the knot.

New Mexico patient in isolation after Ebola-like symptoms

Health officials continue to monitor a New Mexico woman showing symptoms similar to the Ebola virus. The woman was traveling in the West African nation of Sierra Leone at the beginning of the month.

Another night of violent protest rocks Ferguson, Missouri

Chaos unfolded once again in Ferguson, Missouri Sunday ening. Hours before a set curfew was to begin officer in riot gear moved in to clear the streets after police say protesters began lobbing Molatav cocktails.