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U.S. Aircraft carrier steams through rainbow

Navy photographer Ignacio Perez likes to shoot landscapes but never dreamed he'd shoot an amazing one on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Single Colorado dad goes to beauty school for daughter

A former Navy technician with a shaved head has become the go-to hair stylist for his 2-year-old daughter. Single dad Greg Wickherst could barely contain Izzy's hair in a simple ponytail.

3 children left padlocked in filthy Washington home

A Lake Stevens, Washington couple was arrested Tuesday after their three children, ages 7, 3, and 11 months were found abandoned and living in deplorable conditions.

Measles outbreak exposes political rift over personal rights & public safety

Washington saw a rare moment of bipartisan agreement Tuesday as both Republicans and Democrats came together to call on parents to vaccinate their children against measles.

Commuter train collides with car, killing 6 in New York

At least six people are dead and 12 others injured after a New York City commuter train struck an SUV at a rail crossing north of New York City Tuesday.

House votes - again - to repeal Obamacare

The Republican-led House of Representatives passed legislation to roll back Obamacare on Tuesday, a measure that the Obama administration already vowed to veto.

College art project shuts down interstate in downtown Atlanta

Blaming a school project for an hours-long traffic jam sounds about as far-fetched as blaming a dog for eating your homework.

Donations pour in for Detroit man who walks 21 miles for his daily commute

There are tiring commutes. And then there's James Robertson's commute. The 56-year-old Detroit man walks 21 miles every weekday as part of his journey to and from the factory where he works.

Phoenix man accused of stealing Facebook photos, posting to child porn site

Just how well do you know your Facebook friends, or your regular friends, for that matter?

Selfies believed to be cause of fatal Colorado plane crash

Distraction caused by taking selfies is likely to blame for a plane crash that killed a pilot and his passenger in Colorado in May, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Georgia man suspected of killing family captured in Mississippi

A man wanted in the murder of five people in La Grange, Georgia was arrested Monday in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Police: 11-year-old scares intruder away with shotgun

An 11-year-old used a shotgun to scare an intruder away from their home.

Police: Ex-NFL star Warren Sapp arrested on soliciting prostitution charge

Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute early Monday, just hours after covering the Super Bowl for the NFL Network, Phoenix police said.

Man wanted for car burglaries in North Baton Rouge

Police need your help finding the black man responsible for several car burglaries in North Baton Rouge. The break-ins happened on Saturday morning in the 5200 block of Airline Highway.

Groundhog bites Wisconsin mayor after seeing shadow

The mayor of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin has learned a valuable lesson about one of his city's most famous critters: you don't want to get too close to a groundhog.