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President Obama to act on immigration without Congress

President Obama said Monday he'll use executive action to move forward on immigration reform without Congress. The move comes in the midst of an escalating crisis on the U.S. border involving unaccompanied children.

American College of Physicians recommends ending yearly pelvic exams for most healthy women

Routine check-ups with a gynecologist may no longer include something women have come to expect during visits: The pelvic exam.

With Congress out of town, Obama delivers "get tough" speech on immigration

A California town is protesting waves of immigrant women and children being shipped to their border patrol station. The Texas facility that's been holding unaccompanied children is overwhelmed.

Caught on Camera: Man rides on trunk of car

By Jethro Mullen- CNN (CNN) -- Brenda Cruz and her family were flabbergasted by what they spotted as they were driving on Interstate 77 in North Carolina this weekend:

Some users upset over 'creepy' Facebook experiments

By David Goldman NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- You can be angry and upset with Facebook after it manipulated its users' emotions as part of a study. But you shouldn't be surprised.

CA: Nightmare nanny agrees to move out, under certain conditions

By Shelby Lin Erdman- CNN (CNN) -- A California family's nanny nightmare may be nearing an end.

Gas prices on July 4th holiday weekend have unexpectedly risen this year

The cost of celebrating our independence this coming weekend is going to be higher, mainly because of our dependence on fuel.

National Hurricane Center introduces new tropical outlooks

The National Hurricane Center or NHC will introduce an experimental five-day "Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook" (GTWO) tomorrow, July 1 at 1:00 p.m. (Central).

U.S. Supreme Court expected to decide if an employer can restrict access to contraceptives that end pregnancy

The United States Supreme Court is expected to announce its decision today in a case that asked if a company has the same religious freedoms as individuals.

She Started It: New generation of female tech founders

By Contessa Gayles NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- At age 17, Brienne Ghafourifar achieved a world record. She became the youngest college graduate to raise $1 million in venture funding for her business.

10 little known South African experiences

By Narina Exelby for CNN (CNN) -- You might know South Africa for Kruger National Park, where you can see the Big Five, or for the gorgeous beaches and wine farms that surround Cape Town.

Mobile apps transforming the future of parking

By Jordan Friedman- Special to CNN (CNN) -- An era of fumbling for spare change and driving in circles in search for a parking space may be coming to a close.

Meet the Marxist behind Seattle's wage hike

By James O'Toole SEATTLE (CNNMoney) -- Kshama Sawant has gone from Occupy Wall Street to occupying Seattle City Council.