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Mom outraged after 6-year-old son is handcuffed at school

A Stone Mountain, Georgia mother is outraged after her 6-year-old was handcuffed for misbehaving at Pine Ridge Elementary School. Her child, Patrick, is a first-grader there and is a special needs student.

Firefighters battle massive blaze at L.A. construction site

Los Angeles firefighters spent Monday morning battling two fires, both in apartment buildings: one under construction, the other under renovation, fire officials said.

Florida man hopes to recover great-grandfather's stolen war medals

A Winter Park, Florida resident is hoping police can recover several war medals stolen from his home.

French Toast Crunch cereal is back

2006 was the year Twitter debuted and Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status. It was also the last time French Toast Crunch cereal was for sale in U.S. stores.

LIST: 2014 Bowl Game Schedule

The 2014 college football regular season has come to an end and now all that's left are bowl games and the first-ever College Football Playoff games!

Activist group wants all toy guns banned after Tamir Rice shooting

A Birmingham, Alabama activist group is urging the ban of fake guns sales across the country.

5-year-old does his part to save neighbor from burning home

5-year-old Mason Mather was sitting in his family's Mundy, Michigan living room Sunday morning when he says he noticed smoke coming from a neighbor's garage.

28 Internet acronyms every parent should know

If you think you are tech savvy all because you know what "LOL" means, let me test your coolness. Any idea what "IWSN" stands for in Internet slang? It's a declarative statement: I want sex now.

How to save on last minute holiday travel

With Christmas less than three weeks away it's not too late to book that last minute holiday vacation. Whether it's a getaway to relax or a trip to see family and friends, deals are out there.

Police dog saves Utah boy’s life after falling into manhole

Of all the things Copper has found during his 6-year career as a West Valley City, Utah police dog, his biggest find yet may be Kollin Bailey.

Protests continue across country over resent Grand Jury decisions

Demonstrators vandalized property and clashed with police for second straight night in Berkeley, California Sunday, one of a number of cities where protesters have taken to the streets after the Grand Jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and St

How diet soda can confuse your body

Some people drink diet soda to cut calories and lose weight --and, some just like the taste. But Dhani Jones reports there are some things about diet soda you may not know.  

The parents who canceled Christmas

(CNN) -- They are the parents who canceled Christmas. John and Lisa Henderson of Hurricane, Utah, had finally had enough of their little hurricanes.

Pentagon is seeking new gun contract for U.S. Army

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The U.S. Army is seeking a new gun. After about 30 years of using the Italian-made Beretta as the primary sidearm pistol for the U.S. military, the Pentagon is seeking a new gun contract.

Is it ok to leave your teens home alone overnight?

(CNN) -- I can't remember exactly how old I was when my mom went away for a night and left my older sister and me home alone.