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Will Democrats have control of the Senate after Election Day?

There's just a week to go until the midterm elections that could shift control of the U.S. Senate. From New Hampshire to Louisiana to Alaska, polls show Democratic incumbents in trouble.

OK beer delivery man called hero after tackling would-be robber

A man delivering beer is being hailed as a hero after he took down a would-be robber at a convenience store in Enid, Oklahoma, on Tuesday morning.

Unmanned NASA rocket explodes during launch in Virginia

An unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded early Tuesday evening along the eastern Virginia coast, causing a huge fireball but no apparent deaths.

Hawaii residents evacuate as lava slowly moves toward homes

Lava from Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano is now within 70 yards of homes and could consume the structures within the next 24 hours. Residents of the village of Pahoa can only watch and wait.

Death with dignity: Brittany Maynard scratches off last item on bucket list

Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill woman who plans to take her own life November 1, has checked the last item off her bucket list. She visited the Grand Canyon last week.

TX cop in jail after offering to let woman out of ticket if he could 'lick and smell her feet

Texas authorities are looking for other potential victims after a Houston area school district police officer was accused of asking a woman for sexual favors in exchange for not taking her to jail.

IL couple united by lack of sight celebrates 50 years of marriage

A Decatur, Illinois couple is celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss, after a lack of sight brought them together. Rich and DeeDee Adams say communication is what allows their relationship to stand the test of time.

MA store owner tosses hot chili powder into eyes of would-be robbers

Two would-be robbers got a spicy surprise inside a Stoneham, Massachusetts convenience store. The two men walked into the store late Saturday night, looking to cash a winning scratch ticket, but something seemed off.

Mentally disabled teen found caged inside Michigan home

Michigan police have arrested a couple after finding a mentally challenged man locked in a caged bed in their Huron county home.

Nurse Amber Vinson to leave Atlanta hospital after successful Ebola treatment

Nurse Amber Vinson has been declared Ebola-free. Amber Vinson will leave Emory University Hospital in Atlanta Tuesday.

FL boy suffers stroke, coma after getting rare infection from mosquito bite

A Jacksonville, Florida boy is recovering after an infection triggered by a mosquito bite nearly killed him. "At one time we didn't know if he was going to make it," said Ada Santiago.

Rival PA high school teams help autistic teen score final touchdown of the season

It was a touching moment on a high school football field near Pittsburgh Friday when a player with autism helped end the season on a high note.

Mother of Sandy Hook victim campaigns for gun control in Seattle after Friday's school shooting

If there's anyone who understands the heartache families in Marysville, Washington are feeling in the aftermath of Friday's shooting, it's Nicole Hockley.

How should the U.S. deal with health care workers who treat Ebola patients overseas?

There's word of a possible new Ebola case this morning, as officials try to manage how to handle health care workers, and others coming back to the U.S. from the hot zone

Items from P.T. Barnum's estate up for sale in Wisconsin

What some are billing as the "greatest auction on Earth" is underway in Wisconsin. Items from the Barnum family estate, as in Barnum and Bailey Circus, went up for sale Monday at a home in Brookfield.