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History Channel to teach college history

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Many college kids spend hours watching The History Channel. Now, students at the University of Oklahoma will be able to get college credit for it.

How should men approach women?

(CNN) -- Remember the obnoxious guy in the early-'80s Mr. Microphone commercial? While cruising in a convertible with his friends, he uses the old Ronco toy to come on to a pedestrian.

Engineer creates comedian robot with charming stage presence

(CNN) -- Robots can be many things -- knowledgeable, dexterous, strong. But can they ever be genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious?

15 fall beers worth the brouhaha

(CNN) -- It's officially fall, which means people are haunted by pumpkin.

CT school gets 2 new robots to help special needs students

Windsor, CT (FoxCT) -- A school in Windsor is hiring some new employees, but they're a bit different than the typical teacher.

MI teen charged with plotting to murder family

A 15 year-old girl, accused of trying to kill her family, made a second court appearance Friday.

Boyfriend of nurse refusing quarantine speaks out

(CNN) -- The boyfriend of a Maine nurse who defied an Ebola quarantine is speaking out, saying isolating returnees from West Africa will affect their partners as well.

Preemies at one Los Angeles hospital aren't missing out on the treats

Even though Halloween will be filled with candy, you won't see anything sweeter than the tiniest trick-or-treaters at one Los Angeles Hospital.

Pennsylvania police capture accused cop killer Eric Frein after weeks long manhunt

A 48-day manhunt for one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives came to an end Thursday evening at an abandoned Pennsylvania airport. U.S. marshals took accused cop killer Eric Frein into custody without incident.

CA residents claim to see face of Jesus in smoke above fire rescue

Does video of a dramatic house fire video show the face of Jesus? The scene was recorded at a Fresno, California duplex, showing the flames and a Good Samaritan rescuing a man from the burning unit.

Is the GOP on a roll going into Election Day?

President Obama headed to Maine Thursday to campaign, with more polls showing his Democrats unlikely to keep control of the Senate in next week's election.

Plane crashes into Wichita Airport building, killing four

At least four people are dead and several more injured after a small plane crashed into the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Thursday.

Nurse Kaci Hickcox defies quarantine, goes for bike ride near ME home

As treatment continues right now for America’s only Ebola patient, so does the debate over how to handle those coming back to the country at risk.

VIDEO: Motorcyclist survives head on collision with deer

An Albuquerque, New Mexico man slammed into a deer at 65 miles per hour while riding his motorcycle, and lived to tell the tale.

UW researchers create software to track Ebola outbreaks

A joint program between the University of Washington's School of Public Health and Public Health Seattle and King County is preparing to deploy software to better track disease outbreaks, including Ebola.