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The NASA diet: It's food, but not as we know it

Around 400 kilometers above the Earth's surface, the International Space Station continues its orbit of the planet.

TurboTax restarts e-filing of state tax returns after fraud concerns

The popular TurboTax software restarted the e-filing of state tax returns on Friday after temporarily stopping them becaus

Detroit man who commuted by foot 21 miles a day surprised with a donated car

The world's most famous commuter thought he was meeting friends for lunch Friday to close out a wild week in the spotl

Florida woman gives birth to 14 lb. baby

A woman who didn't know she was pregnant until her third trimester had an even bigger surprise when she gave birth to record-size 14-pound baby boy.

ISIS claims Jordanian fighter jets killed American hostage

ISIS is claiming Jordanian fighter jets hit a building in the city of Ar Raqqah Friday, killing an American hostage identified as Kayla Mueller, a 26-year old aid worker from Arizona.

Wyoming deputy resigns after dress code removes cowboy hats and boots

Sublette County, Wyoming has a new sheriff and one of his first moves was to ban all western wear for deputies. The move was enough to prompt one deputy to turn in his badge.

U.S. being pushed into more conflict after wrapping up 2 wars

The U.S. has wrapped up two wars, but is being pushed into two new conflicts this morning. Under pressure from its allies, the Obama Administration is considering sending arms to Ukraine... and stepping up its game against ISIS.

Radioshack declares bankruptcy

Nearly a century after it opened its first store and sent out its first catalog, RadioShack declared bankruptcy on Thursday.

Utah boy gets 3D-printed ear

Born without a complete ear, 4-year-old Tai Medina is also deaf on his right side.

Data of 80 million Anthem, Inc. customers compromised by hackers

America's second-largest health insurance company has become the latest target of huge hacking attack.

Washington State considers lower minimum wage for teens during summer, training

At a time when there's talk of raising the state's minimum wage, there is also a push at the state legislature to lower the minimum wage for teenagers in certain circumstances.

Pope Francis to address Congress in September

House Speaker John Boehner announced Thursday that Pope Francis has accepted his invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress, and will appear on Sept. 24.

Georgia barber gives bad kids embarrassing haircuts

A Georgia barber is offering a unique service to help misbehaving kids clean up their act. Russell Frederick is the co-owner of A-1 Kutz Salon in Snellville.

'Saved by the Bell' cast reunites on The Tonight Show

Who knew Jimmy Fallon went to Bayside High?

Feds probe deadly New York train crash

Federal investigators are picking through the twisted wreckage of Tuesday's fatal train crash near Valhalla, New York.