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LA National Guard identifies four soldiers killed in helicopter crash

Major General Glenn Curtis, the adjutant general of the Louisiana National Guard addressed the media at a press conference Monday.

American healthcare worker infected with Ebola arrives at National Institutes of Health for treatment

Another American healthcare worker has tested positive for Ebola and has been flown back to the United States for treatment. The unidentified health worker is in serious condition at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. The

Seven Marines killed in helicopter crash identified

The US Marine Corps has identified the Marines involved in the deadly helicopter crash near Pensacola, FL.

Hammond, LA: Those Soldiers are part of our family

It’s been cloudy for the last two days here in Hammond, Louisiana. The sky almost reflects the feelings of the entire city.

New type of food allergy raises concern among doctors

A new type of food allergy is showing up more and doctors don't yet know why. It's called eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), an inflammatory response in the esophagus that makes it hard to swallow food.

Two police officers shot outside of Ferguson, Missouri police headquarters

Two police officers are in serious condition after they were shot while standingin front of the Ferguson Police Department just after midnight Thursday morning.

LA National Guard: This is a search and rescue mission

Adjutant General Glenn Curtis of the Louisiana National Guard says the search for seven Marines and four Louisiana National Guardsmen is on-going. He considers it a search and rescue mission. 

US Coast Guard aiding in search for downed helicopter

The Coast Guard and local agencies are searching for a downed military aircraft near Santa Rosa Sound, Florida, Wednesday.

Air Force Spokesman: 'We have found some human remains'

Seven Marines and four soldiers were missing early Wednesday following an Army helicopter crash in Florida, officials said.

Military helicopter crashes in northwest Florida, 11 missing

Eleven U.S. military members were presumed dead Wednesday morning, according to a U.S. Defense official, after their Army Black Hawk helicopter crashed into water off the Florida Panhandle during a nighttime training mission.

GOP Lawmakers make an end-run around Obama Administration by writing letter to Iran

Republican lawmakers have made an end-run around the Obama Administration, taking their message straight to Iran in the middle of sensitive nuclear negotiations.

Apple expected to unveil new details on its smartwatch, Apple Watch, later today

Apple is expected to unveil more details, including a launch date and price range, for its Apple Watch later today.

Supporters & critics wonder if Hillary Clinton will address e-mail controversy today

Hillary Clinton has a public event in New York this morning.

Smartwatches sales pale in comparison to smartphones, but that may soon change

Smartwatches are about telling you more than just the time. They offer e-mail and other alerts, and even talk into your wrist like Dick Tracy, but that hasn't been enough for most consumers.

Snow & ice strand drivers on Kentucky's Interstate 71

Heavy snow and icy roads snarled traffic throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area Wednesday night, turning interstates into parking lots and leaving many drivers going nowhere.