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DOD denies decision has been made to charge Sgt. Bergdahl

Senior defense officials tell NBC News that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, possibly within the coming week. The Pentagon, meanwhile, maintains that a decision has not been made in Bergdahl's case.

'Deflategate' questions go unanswered on Super Bowl Media Day

The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots faced thousands of journalists Tuesday as part of Super Bowl Media Day, but questions about the ongoing scandal revolving around improperly inflated balls once again went unanswered.

Wrongfully imprisoned man gets free trip to Super Bowl

When Ryan Ferguson and his dad travel this week to Glendale, Arizona, for the Super Bowl, it will be a bucket-list experience. And yet for them it will be so much more.

Package containing dog poop shuts down Sacramento County tax board

A supposed prank on the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento prompted a very serious response.

Dallas children's hospital gets 'Robot Doctor'

You've got to admit, robots can do a lot of cool stuff. But have you seen a robot doctor? Folks at Children's Medical are doing the robot. Meet RP-VITA, or as the kids call him, 'Zippy.'

Family finds massive pot stash in van after driving it for 13 years

A family in Alamogordo, New Mexico made a shocking discovery over the weekend when they went to repair a door in their van. Inside the door panel they found 13.5 pounds of marijuana.

Oregon brewers make beer with reclaimed waste water

Oregon is known for specialty beers, but what about a beer made with sewer water? It's what some local home-brewers will be doing this summer.

'Historic' blizzard strikes Northeast

Snow continues to pile up across the Northeast. In Massachusetts some cities have gotten nearly 30 inches of snow. Schools, businesses and governments offices are all closed.

VIDEO: Time-lapse of blizzard over Statue of Liberty

Video (above) shows snow falling on Statue of Liberty in New York from 8 a.m. January 26 through 8 a.m. January 27, 2015.

Man loses Super Bowl pass because of Facebook post

It was a dream job for longtime Arizona sports fan Russ Knight - a chance to work at the Super Bowl. But that dream turned into nightmare, because of a seemingly innocent Facebook post on the Internet.

‘Historic’ winter storm to hit Northeast

Snow is falling across the Northeast, where a massive storm is expected to dump several feet of snow over the next 48 hours. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says the threat can't be overstated.

Security increases after drone crashes in White House lawn

The Secret Service says this morning's drone crash at the White House appears to be accidental. The remote-controlled "quad copter" was found on White House grounds early Monday morning.

‘Deflategate’ controversy looms as Super Bowl hype builds

As the hype builds ahead of the Super Bowl, questions surrounding the New England Patriots and under-inflated balls still linger.

U.S. deficit to 'hold steady' until 2018

Solid economic growth over the next few years should help keep the annual federal deficit at a very modest level until 2018. But after that, the deficit will start growing again.

Woman finds kidney donor in checkout line

Michelle Davis and Lorene Hansen are happy and recovering just one week after a kidney transplant. The two met while Davis was working at the Lee County Publix grocery store.