War no more: Obama to bring troops home

POSTED: Friday, October 21, 2011 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 22, 2011 - 1:33pm

President Obama announced the end of the Iraq war; one of the longest and most divisive military conflicts in American history. All US forces will be withdrawn by the end of this year.

"Today I can say that our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays," President Obama said.

An emotional announcement, but expected from the president. President Bush agreed to a US pullout by 2012. Since 2003, the Pentagon says, the war has cost:

4469 US killed
32,213 US wounded
1146 US amputees
$700-800 billion

In Iraq, the last 39-thousand US forces are loading up, celebrating years of effort.

“They've got an operating democratic government of sorts,” Gen. Barry McCaffrey, US Army, said.

But civil war remains possible. Critics complain the pullout is premature.

“There is a perception around the world that the United States is weakening and withdrawing,” Sen. John McCain, Rep-Arizona, said.

President Obama would have left some troops in Iraq as trainers, and possible targets, but the Iraqis would not grant them legal immunity, so he pulled the whole force.

"The long war in Iraq will come to an end," President Obama said.

It's a popular move. Now, the president says, we can better focus on jobs.

"Because after a decade of war the nation we need to build and the nation that we will build is our own," he said. “A million Iraq war veterans have found: coming home can mean a struggle to find work.”

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Mr. President I truly am happy to hear you will be bringing home our troops at the end of the year. I do applaude you for this decision.
I certainly hope thia decision was not to cordinate you running a second term for The Commander in Chief Position. I truly think you could and should have made this decision much sooner than now. As you can tell by my tone that I most certainly am not a supporter of yours. I think you dont have the experience to be the President of the United States of America. I think you have overspent by thinking that Stimulus Spending or buying you way out of the current debt problems is most certainly a major error in your judgement. Being a Community Organizer certainly didnt prepare you to hold the highest office of our Nation. I think the American People are truly tired of your irresponsiblity and not having a clue on what you are doing as the Chief Executive of this Nation. I sincerely hope when election time approaches that the American Citizens send you down the road in complete defeat and make you a One Term President.
My first choice to replace you is Herman Cain he is not a Professional Politican like yourself, but a very successful Businessman from the private sector. He is well aware of what is going on in our Country unlike yourself who doesnt have any idea how to successfully run this country. I dont think a White Man will be able to defeat you, but a honest man and a successful Black businessman can do this most assuredly.I truly think you have lost a lot of sleepless nights worrying about this man.
I would very much like to see you and Mr. Cain have a 2 man debate where we can really and truly see who is the most qualified and the best informed individual. I am sure you dont want this happen because I think you fear Mr. Cain and he is your worst nightmare.
Oh by the way please leave your Telepromter home and any other aides you need to speak before any public audiences or on the major Televison Networks. This would be the dream debate of the majority of our voters except the radical Liberals. I totally disagree. I challenge to you debate Mr. Herman Cain if you dare which I dont think you have the courage and the intelligence to meet this man on neutral ground to debate him. I hope you will accept this challenge Mr. President and do your elected duties as the Chief Executive of the United States of America.

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