Wall Street protests gain momentum

Monday, October 3, 2011 - 10:32am

The Occupy Wall Street protest is heading into its third week, and despite the arrest of 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday they're gaining momentum and inspiring similar protests in cities across the country.

Their concerns range from the environment to social change, all seemingly unified by beefs about the economy and inequality.

On Saturday police arrested more than 700 in the growing group of demonstrators, but the arrests didn't dampen the outpouring of support fueled by social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Labor experts say the Arab Spring uprisings overseas have empowered protesters to stand up.

"Those movements were revolutions led by young people and i think they've been unemployed and wondering what to do so," says Columbia University's Dorian Warren. "I think that's another let's say inspiration for why they're sitting in now."

"We're nowhere facing the same kind of opposition, but we can still be inspired by them and I think a lot of us are," said protester Miriam Rocek.

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