Troops killed in Afghan skirmish flown home today

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 8:20pm

Two military C-17 Transport Jets landed mid-morning Tuesday at Dover Air Force Base, with the flag-draped silver cases with the remains of the 30 U.S. Troops onboard.

Landing a few hours later was President Obama, who had flown from Washington on Marine One to attend the dignified transfer ceremony performed for family to receive their fallen loved ones.

No media was allowed, but the grief was shared in hometowns of the 30 troops, like Shreveport, Louisiana where Navy Seal teammates Robert Reeves and Jonas Kelsall also played together on the soccer team.

The president presided over the removal of each flag draped case from the transport planes at Dover, then spent over an hour offering condolences to family members of the 30 for their loss, as well as his deep gratitude for their sacrifice and service.


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