The slippery slope towards Christmas

Monday, September 12, 2011 - 12:18pm

Filmmaker and horror buff Eddie Ray is among those for whom Labor Day weekend marks the start of a two-month-long Halloween season.

Ray began decorating his home in August and makes no apology for it.

"I get jokes a lot, like, 'Halloween stuff already? It's September.' I'm just -- I'm ready to go," Ray said. "I think it's an exciting time of year."

It suggests that the start of September signals more than the beginning of the end of summer.

The rapid advance of the calendar extends beyond Halloween.

Ask Gary Casey, a Santa Claus performer and an agent for bearded St. Nick types around the southeast.

He'll tell you Christmas is already at hand.

"They're already starting to plan. And they're already starting to call," Casey said. "The calendar is up and running."

Further evidence of the calendar's rapid slide into the year-end holidays can be found in a showroom of a wholesaler called Heeney Company.

It's filled with Christmas decorations.

The audio system carries Christmas music.

It started in June, said Heeney Company president Sid Sukloff.

"I say it can't come early enough," he chuckled

Sukloff will tell you that he's giving people what they want -- a taste of the year-end holiday, months in advance.

"Are they already into Christmas decorations?" asked Eddie Ray. "I mean, as long as it doesn't overlap into October."

It's the start of September, and it means the calendar is getting a little crowded, mighty quickly.

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