Texas billboard scolds bishops, urges catholics to quit church

Texas billboard scolds bishops, urges catholics to quit church

POSTED: Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 2:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 2:04pm

Commuters along I-30 in Arlington are seeing a controversial billboard that scolds bishops and urges Catholics to give up the church.

It has inspired Catholic convert, Zachary Moore to send in his defection.

I can't be a Catholic anymore," the Keller resident, said.

Moore, who is part of Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason says he doesn't agree with the church leaders on contraception.

"The vast majority of Catholic women use birth control, so for bishops to take this stance shows how disconnected they are with parishioners."

Wisconsin-based, Freedom From Religion Foundation placed the billboard as a way, the group says to send a message. It reads, "Put Women's rights over bishop's wrongs". The group chose the DFW location because both the Fort Worth diocese and the Dallas diocese are suing the Obama administration over the contraceptive mandate.

Since the billboard went up, catholic officials say they have received complaints from members of the community.

"We have taken calls mainly from women who are angry and offended," Dallas diocese spokeswoman, Annette Gonzales Taylor, said.

Gonzales Taylor says many in the church are angry the third party group has entered the debate.

"This organization does not have an understanding of the church or the lawsuit because this is about religious liberty."

Billboards are also up in several other cities including Chicago and St. Louis. They are scheduled to be in place about 30 days, that is when the contraceptive mandate is scheduled to take effect.

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