Testimony continues from those at Michael Jackson's deathbed

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 12:38pm

After two days of compelling testimony members of the Jackson family arrived for day three of Doctor Conrad Murray's trial.

On Wednesday, the family relived Michael's final hours when Jackson's personal assistant, Michael Williams, testified about the critical moments when Murray found Jackson unresponsive and a frantic phone call he had with the doctor before 911 was called.

"He said get here right away. Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction," said Williams.

Jackson's Chief of Security, Faheem Muhammad, described the chaotic scene inside Jackson's bedroom witnessed by the pop star's children, Prince and Paris.

"Paris was on the ground, balled up and crying. Prince was just standing there, he just had a real shocked look on his face, just slowly crying sort of thing," explained Muhammad.

He also said Murray appeared nervous as he was giving CPR to a lifeless Michael Jackson.

"He asked if anyone knew CPR," stated Muhammad.

Which is a common request according to Murray's defense team.

"Because when you're giving CPR the first thing you ask is does anyone else know CPR so they can assist. Two man CPR is much more efficient than one," explained Murray's Attorney Michael Flanagan.

One of the prosecution's most damning witnesses is expected to take the stand.

A security guard who claims Doctor Murray ordered him to remove drug vials from the singer's bedroom before calling 911.

An order prosecutors say proves Murray was trying to cover up his negligent actions.

Actions they claim directly lead to Jackson's death.

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