Tensions on Korean peninsula rise as U.S. believes North Korea may conduct another missile test

Tensions on Korean peninsula rise as U.S. believes North Korea may conduct another missile test
Monday, April 8, 2013 - 7:00am

The U.S. is bracing for another missile test by North Korea any day, as the situation remains tense on the Korean peninsula this morning.

The U.S. has good reason to believe North Korea may be planning something soon.

The Communist regime told foreign diplomats: get out by Wednesday.

After blocking access for days to the border factory run jointly with South Korea, North Korea now says it's pulling all of its workers from the plant, and may pull out of the project altogether.

With Secretary Of State John Kerry due in South Korea friday... And the upcoming anniversary of North Korea's founder, the U.S. fears Kim Jong Un could see this week as the perfect opportunity to test fire one of the two missiles he's moved into position.

"We wouldn't be surprised if they -- they did a test." Dan Pfeiffer/ Sr. Advisor to the President

There is a lot of concern about how South Korea might react.

"That's my biggest fear guys that if there's a provocation, South Korea is not going to take it anymore." Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

"South Korea would win -- we would win if there was an all-out conflict. But the fact is that North Korea could set Seoul on fire." Senator John McCain, Arizona

The U.S. postponed its own missile test launch in California, and cancelled a military commander's visit to Washington... To cool things down.

"The goal should not just be to calm him down, to cool the rhetoric down. The goal has to be how do we get North Korea back to the negotiating table." Bill Richardson/ Fmr. Ambassor to the United Nations

There are some wondering when, or even if China will play a role.

"It's about time they stepped up to the plate and put a little pressure on this North Korean regime," said Senator Chuck Schumer, New York.

China's response - we won't put up with trouble on our doorstep.

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