Super Bowl ads battle it out to see which one was the best

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 3:49pm

The Super Bowl turned out to be a nail-biter, and a classic match-up, but for Monday morning quarterbacks there is a lot more than the game to review and analyze today.

A good deal of the post-Super Bowl talk is centered on the game day ads.

The ads ran the gamut, from flying babies to mischievous mutts, monkeys, machines, and ‘raw’ M&M's.

As the Giants wrapped up their championship, there was still a game going on.

After the confetti fell and the trophy stand cleared, there was still one final score that needed to be settled, what was the best super bowl ad.

Johnathan Friedman was a big winner; his homemade Doritos ad turned a $20 investment into a million dollar first prize.

"The $20 was a few bags of Doritos, dog treats and a few props," said Friedman.

The "Sling Baby" ad could mean a million for its creator; it currently leads the online Facebook voting for ‘Best Super Bowl Ad’

Looking to maximize the $3.5 million average cost for a 30 second commercial, a lot of advertisers launched previews or full commercials early online.

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