Senators unveiled sweeping legislation to improve the path to citizentship and strengthen America's boarder

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 6:32pm

It could be the most significant immigration reform effort in years.

And the plan has bipartisan support.

This afternoon a group of leading senators unveiled sweeping legislation to improve the path to citizenship and strengthen America's borders.

It's a big step toward progress, but the devil is in the details and the key hold up could be creating a "tough but fair" path toward citizenship.

The legislation would:

  • Create a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants already here.
  • (NBC News) Secure the border and address visa overstays.
  • Reform the legal immigration system to keep families together.
  • Award green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees at American universities.
  • Improve the employment verification system and penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  • And allow more low skilled workers to enter the country for hard to fill jobs in areas such as agriculture.

The White House says the proposal mirrors the president's priorities.

He'll unveil his vision tomorrow during a trip to Nevada.

"What you will see tomorrow is the very important part of this effort is engaging the American people," said Jay Carney White House Spokesman.

Immigration reform advocates are pressuring lawmakers to act. 

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