Security cameras show cooking oil thieves ripping off chicken restaurant

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 2:08pm

It is a sign of the times: anything is worth stealing to a thief.

It is a crime that was unheard of to the police department investigating it, until now: two thieves stole used cooking oil from a fried chicken restaurant in Villa Rica, Georgia.

The scene of a crime was in the parking lot behind the restaurant where workers dumped the used oil into 55-gallon drums.

The theft happened early Saturday morning, when two people backed a truck up to the drums and siphoned out the used cooking oil.

"This is the first time I've worked a theft involving oil," said Captain Keith Shaddix of the Villa Rica Police Department.

Fortunately, the Big Chic, which primarily serves fried chicken, had a surveillance camera that saw it all.

The video shows a moving van pulling to the back of the restaurant, two men getting out and pulling a hose out of the back of the truck, and pumping the oil out of three drums.

The words "Pacific Moving and Storage" was written on the side of the truck.

The first letter "P" and last letter "C" in Pacific were faded out.

"There's got to be a large pump in there, plus a container to keep the oil in," Capt. Shaddix said.

Big Chic owner Roger Fuller called the theft "unreal."

"If we don't catch them, they'll be back," he said. "They will definitely be back."

Fuller said he changes the oil in his fryers every two or three days and then sells it for recycling at $1.57 a gallon.

The oil can be used as fuel in diesel engines.

He said the stolen oil cost him about $300.

"I just don't like thieves," he said. "If they had come in and asked me and they needed some, I would have given it to them." Downloading: Police Clear "Occupy Baltimore"Drag WindowClose Window Download Multiple Files Download Individual Files


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