Secretary of State Clinton attends Paris conference on Libya

Secretary of State Clinton attends Paris conference on Libya
Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 9:49am

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Paris thursday for a conference on Libya. She met Turkey's Foreign Minister and was expected to meet members of Libya's ruling Interim Council. Clinton, along with other world leaders, will work on a plan to rebuild Libya 42 years to the day after Moammar Khaddafy seized power. The three hour meeting will focus on political and economic reconstruction.

Libya also contains large reserves of top quality crude oil, which have been left badly underdeveloped by Moammar Khaddafy. A popular revolt drove Khaddafy from power, and the "Friends of Libya" conference thursday in Paris will give the interim council its first platform to address the world.

The National Transition Council's Chairman is expected to open talks this afternoon by outlining a plan that targets a new constitution and elections within 18 months. Secretary of State Clinton, NATO, U.N., E.U., African leaders and representatives from Russia and China will attend.

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