Rapidly expanding drainage ditch has neighbors worried

POSTED: Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 12:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 12:04pm

Residents in one Texas neighborhood are worried as a large gorge, big enough to swallow a home, continues to grow.

Homeowners in Richmond have dubbed the large ditch the "Fort Bend County Grand Canyon."

"Look at this. This is, like, unbelievable," said resident Alana Van Slyke. "Every couple of minutes we were watching ... chunk go, another chuck go."

According to neighbors, the gorge started just moments after last weekend's storm swept through the area. Eight to 10 inches of water rushed over a levee for 10 hours, causing it to break.

"You're talking 10 feet of land. When that dropped, we all felt it. You could feel the vibration," said Van Slyke.

The force of the fast-moving water was so strong, it also ripped off huge pieces of concrete that once held a natural gas line in place.

"You see where the land is going to crack again. You just got to be careful," said Van Slyke.

"It was pretty overwhelming seeing the strength that mother nature has. Usually stuff like this takes thousands of years to happen. But this happened in a few hours," said Lindsey Witte.

Witte shot video as the ditch quickly collapsed Saturday morning.

"The neighbors in these houses just gathered and we sat and stood far enough away. You'd just see cliffs of rock falling down," she added.

Since there is a possibility of more erosion, officials are asking that no one walk along the embankment. 

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