Prosecution bashes Amanda Knox's character in civil trial

Monday, September 26, 2011 - 2:32pm

It was a rough day in court for Amanda Knox today; three civil attorneys, all pursuing different cases, basically engaged in character assassination against her, with one of the lawyers saying she was a "she-devil."

He went on to accuse Amanda Knox of devoting her life to sex, drugs and alcohol. He said she may look clean on the outside, but is dirty on the inside.

She was rather stoic through all this, didn't seem to react, but nonetheless it's certainly taking its toll. Her parents appeared very uncomfortable during this exchange.

Curt Knox, Amanda’s father, stated, "He obviously does not know who she is. An all-out verbal assault on her personality and her character is completely wrong."

The civil cases not that important to her criminal conviction, but nonetheless it does have a bearing. The judge and the jury are listening to all of these summations, and it didn't look particularly good for Knox despite the fact there was no actual evidence presented.

Meanwhile, the prosecution we know has asked the judge and jury to increase her prison sentence to life, along with six months of solitary confinement.

Knox will have a chance to re-butt all of this. She has asked the court for time to address the judge and jury where we expect her to once again proclaim her innocence in all this.

We're expecting a verdict in the case within a week.

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