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President Obama and Mitt Romney intensify jabs

POSTED: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 4:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 4:19pm

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has mixed news for President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Romney scored high on an economic question, while the president is still doing well with the middle class.

Romney blasted president barack obama on defense cuts in a speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno Tuesday.

President Obama campaigned in Oregon and Washington state, while unveiling a new one-minute TV ad to run in nine swing states.

The tone is less negative and gives voters a choice between "two very different plans for the country".

Despite negative ads about Romney's business record with Bain Capital, the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Americans think Romney would have better ideas than the president to improve the economy, 43 to 36%.

Still, the president polled 16 points higher than Romney in looking out for the middle class.

That was the message Michelle Obama gave voters in her first solo campaign visit to swing state Ohio.

"We believe that in this country everyone should do their fair share, and that means teachers and firefighters shouldn't be paying higher taxes than millionaires and billionaires," she told a cheering crowd.

While the president plans to campaign domestically this week, Romney is heading overseas to England, Poland and Israel, a country Mr. Obama has not visited in his first term.

Romney has been critical of the president's record on foreign affairs, but almost every poll has shown that foreign policy is a big strength for the president.


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