New technology improves chances of successful IVF pregnancies


POSTED: Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 9:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 9:04am

This is a big day for Marva Milluneaux and her fiancee.

They are about to find out if they can start having kids right away.

"I'll be forty-three next month and I've been in school and working. And all of the sudden where did all the time go ," said Mullineaux, IVF patient.

So far they have had many tries and many heartaches.

Now they're trying a brand new method of fertility testing called CGH testing in hopes of getting better results.

Through this method doctors do comprehensive genetic testing on the embryo before they're implanted. 

"This technology helps us to test all the chromosome and when you transfer chromosome normal embryos the implantation rate is much higher," stated Dr. Maher Adballah "The pregnancy rate is much higher and the risk for miscarriage is lower."

Here is how it's done.

The embryo is put under a microscope, using laser technology the doctor makes an opening in the embryo and takes a cell out to be tested.

"It's about twenty-nine hours for us to analyze the DNA and determine whether that embryo is genetically normal or not," explained Dr. Adballah. "When we transfer two high quality embryos that are chromosomally normal, we're averaging over 83% chance of a pregnancy."

"I'm glad we did this test," Marva said. "I think this is a great technology to try to minimize, you know, more disappointment, more heartache and just try to get to the result you're looking for."

Dr. Bruce Hensel reporting. 

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