New Amy Winehouse album to be released

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 12:31pm

The loss of singer Amy Winehouse earlier this year ended the rocky, yet promising career of a unique talent.

This week a new album of Amy's work is being released posthumously, adding to her musical legacy one last time.

"Technically there's probably other singers with better voices, but hers was a voice that captured so much pain and so much emotion," says Billboard's Bill Werde.

The critical success Winehouse enjoyed, including multiple Grammy wins in 2008 for the song "Rehab" was mixed with well publicized personal turmoil culminating in her death from alcohol poisoning this past summer at the age of 27.

The new album "Lioness: Hidden Treasures" adds to Winehouse's musical legacy.

It's a collection of alternate versions of earlier songs as well as previously unreleased tracks.

Included is a reggae laced remake of a number one hit from almost 50 years ago.

"Amy Winehouse singing "Our Day Will Come" in that very overwrought, very vampy torch like way, it's just amazing. It's very, very powerful, and I think that's the kind of thing that's going to resonate with people," Werde says.

Still, he fears long term, Winehouse's talents could become a mere footnote in the minds of many.

"They're going to remember the scandal, they're going to remember the drugs, they're going to remember the alcohol, and they're going to remember the wasted opportunity, which is you know, very very sad in this case," Werde says.

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