More bodies found on wrecked Italian cruise ship

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 3:56pm

The navy divers here have been relentless, and they were able to blast another small hole into the hull trying to get 30 feet under water into the first officer's room.

The bodies of five more victims were found and pulled off of that ship.

While this is going on, the ship's captain was arraigned on criminal charges, manslaughter, causing the wreck, and abandoning the ship.

The ship's company said he went off course, and too close to an island, they believed to show this ship off to villagers, many of whom ended up helping saving his passengers.

In the Italian press they're claiming to have a leaked transcript from the investigation - supposedly a phone conversation that happened between the ship's captain and the port authority about three hours after the accident happened.

Now in it, supposedly, the port authority said, “This is an order. Get back to your ship. There are already casualties.”

One of the items the prosecution is presenting in the case is video that apparently shows the ship that night sitting at a safe angle.

That would raise the question - why weren't the life boats lowered faster, and why didn't things happen more quickly?

Many survivors tell reporters they could feel the ship tilting, swiftly.

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