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Monday, December 5, 2011 - 12:36pm

The stress of the holidays has already jumped to the forefront this year, with stories of shoppers getting maced and frustrated flyers thrown off flights.

That's why etiquette experts are out with ways to relieve that stress and even release the "inner-Santa" most of us have.

Suggestions from travel experts on ways to relieve stress while flying over the holidays: show up early, bring a smile, and maybe something else.

"I always bring them a box of chocolates. I bring them to the gate agents and to the flight attendant," says Johnny Jet, founder of

Tips aren't necessary, but other experts say at the very least remember the holidays are also stressful for those hired to help you.

"The more that you can ease their jobs, the more that they will thank you for it and spread the holiday spirit," says etiquette Anna Post.

Anna, the great-great granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post, is especially big on watching your mobile manners during the holidays now that practically everyone at the airport or mall has a smartphone handy.

"On average, an Intel survey found that people see other Americans use mobile devices badly about five times a day. I think that number gets exponentially worse at the holidays," she says.

Post and many others take exception to people in cramped public places taking or making a phone call.

"Not everybody wants to be listening to your phone conversation," she says. "Wait until you're through then pick up your device and find a quiet place to talk. Sure, you might need to check Santa's list with somebody, maybe that's a better time to use text messaging instead of a phone call in a crowded area"

So, to keep the rude from becoming reality they say a little disconnecting during the holidays might work.

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