Major changes coming to airlines will benefits consumers

Monday, January 23, 2012 - 4:38pm

This week, new rules from the Department of Transportation take flight, and most agree that it will ease some confusion for travelers.

"The consumer wins by having a little laundry list of rules that should make airfare buying a little bit more transparent, a little bit safer, and just a little bit easier," stated Senior Editor Gabe Saglie.

Here's a closer look at that new list for passengers:

- The total cost of a ticket must now be posted, including the cost of baggage - no more fine print or hidden fees.

- Airlines are now required to let passengers know when a flight is canceled, diverted, or delayed more than 30 minutes.

- Travelers have a 24 hour window to hold or cancel a reservation at no cost.

It also looks like decisions based on fares that are unfortunately on the rise.

"We could see another year where these airfare hikes are attempted on a regular basis, and it's not just the air fare hikes, it's the implementation of surcharges, where they start to look out for high travel dates," said Saglie. “We'll get a better gauge of how to budget for vacation planning by knowing exactly what our out the door pricing is going to be.”

With the new regulations in place, the increases shouldn't come as a surprise, and we may have to save a little bit more before getting out that door and into the air.

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