Former Penn State coach waits for verdict in sexual abuse trial

POSTED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 7:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 7:34pm

The jury began its deliberations Thursday in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial.

Before closing arguments began the judge threw out three charges, leaving 48 counts for the jury to consider.

In closing arguments the former Penn State assistant football coach was portrayed by his defense as a victim, by the prosecution as a predatory pedophile.

Prosecutor Joe McGettigan showed the photos of the eight accusers as children, and said "That's what this case is about."

Then he showed a photo of Sandusky, and said "That's the person who did it."

Drawing from seven days of testimony, McGettigan argued Sandusky had a clear pattern in singling out, grooming and abusing young victims.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola contrasted the eight accusers with the hundreds of thousands of youngsters Sandusky had helped with his Second Mile charity.

He portrayed Sandusky as a victim of police officers who coached testimony and accusers looking to cash in.

As he poked at weaknesses in the prosecution's case Amendola repeated: "It doesn't make sense."

Why didn't graduate assistant Mike McQueary call police if he really saw Sandusky having sex with a young boy in a Penn state shower, Amendola asked.

How could the accusers have spent as much time as they claimed with such a busy coach without running into each other?

Why, he asked, didn't Sandusky's wife or family seeing anything?

Meanwhile, NBC News is reporting the prosecution had planned to call Jerry Sandusky's adopted son, Matt Sandusky, as a rebuttal witness to deliver what's described as damaging testimony if Sandusky took the stand. 

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