Florida police search for man who shot at driver in residential neighborhood

POSTED: Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 6:00am

UPDATED: Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 6:04am

Florida police are investigating an assault captured on video that shows a brazen shooter get out of his car and begin firing at another car in a residential neighborhood.

The incident occurred in late June in Fort Lauderdale.

The camera captures a shooter getting out of his tan BMW and start firing his weapon in the direction of a Black Ford F250.

"I heard gunshots, and you know, I'm worried about my 10 month old daughter and bullets flying everywhere it's scary," said neighbor Jason Bellows.

One of the bullets pierced the back of the Ford F250 on the passenger's side.

The victim is still in fear for his life.

He says he initially thought fireworks were going off but later saw the bullet hole on his truck.

He says if this was the result of road rage - the suspect had a very short fuse.

"There's no idea right now as to what caused him to be so enraged that he was in broad daylight take a firearm and shoot several rounds," said Deanna Garcia from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

The victim, who didn't want to speak on camera for fear of retaliation, said he can't remember sharing a lane with the suspect for more than a quarter of a mile.

He said he was in fact behind the BMW the whole time.

The surveillance video shows the BMW pull into the driveway first with the truck continuing on the road.

Fort Lauderdale Police said they consider this man to be dangerous.

"He fires at the victim pointing a gun without caring for anyone's safety and gets into vehicle and leaves without caring for anyone's safety," Garcia said. "Bullets could have come flying through my window or anyone's window just because someone was having a bad day - that's not cool."

The video caught by a neighbors surveillance camera is crisp and does a good job of capturing the suspect's face.

He's wearing a blue stocking cap, a blue t-shirt and jeans.

"We're hoping that someone out there is going to know who that person is and were safe by turning him in," Garcia said.

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