FBI investigates bomb threat written on plane’s bathroom mirror

POSTED: Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 17, 2012 - 6:34pm

Friday, March 16, in the afternoon, the FBI was called to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. A bomb threat was found written on a lavatory mirror of a plane headed to Dallas from Los Angeles.

Passengers onboard the United Express flight from LAX say the flight attendant announced an emergency situation, as they prepared to land, at DFW.

"I asked the flight attendant point blank what was going on and she said someone had written on the bathroom mirror that there was a bomb on board," Cherylyn Witsell, recalled.

The FBI confirms there was a handwritten bomb threat discovered in the bathroom of the plane. Police, firefighters and explosives detection units met the aircraft, on the ground.

"Clearly in a situation like this one were going to take seriously were going to respond as quickly as we can with as many assets as we have," David Magana, said.

While cops and canines searched the aircraft and all the bags, the FBI interrogated all 66 people on board.

"We all got questioned,” Pat Hopkins, said. “They wanted to know who were, where we live, if we had any gripes with the airline."

After an hour and a half of searching, the FBI did not find a bomb, and released the aircraft along with its shaken passengers.

“I think it was a terrible prank if it was one,” Jeannette Wooden, said. “Everyone's on a trip to have fun and they need to realize they are putting everyone's life in danger."

A runway was closed during the investigation, but no flights were delayed or canceled.

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